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MyGiftStop.com celebrates over $76,000 in donations to humanitarian relief efforts across the world

Last updated Monday, May 22, 2023 18:50 ET

MyGiftStop.com is celebrating reaching over $76,000 in donations to Direct Relief. The online store sells gifts from major brands that are affordable and quickly delivered to customers.

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My Gift Stop was founded by Zai Zhu and his wife with the mission to give back to the community and provide people a place to find sought after products that are ideal as gifts for family and friends.

The company works with the charity, Direct Relief, which is a highly regarded charity that provides humanitarian relief around the world in the event of natural disaster. From the beginning, Zhu and his wife wanted to work with a charity that had a broad reach, so his donations could benefit as many people as possible. As the company celebrates six years of service they are also proud to announce they have received over 4,000 positive reviews.

The donations sent to Direct Relief are handled entirely by the team at My Gift Stop, so all the customer has to focus on is finding the right gifts to purchase.

The inspiration for My Gift Stop, an online platform, came to Zhu when he was having trouble finding gifts to buy for his own family and friends. The online store has a vast multitude of products to choose from and offers special deals to coincide with holidays like Mother’s Day. They also offer seasonal offerings around certain times of the year like graduation day. The website has been designed to be user friendly and make purchases simple to complete, which has led to tremendous growth for the platform.

When the platform first went online they were primarily selling watches from some of the world’s most popular brands. Since then their selections have expanded to include jewelry, fragrances, shoes, sunglasses and writing instruments. Zhu and his wife wanted to combine their experience in the e-commerce industry and create something unique while giving back to communities across the world.

Zhu hopes by giving donations and providing quality service to his customers that other e-commerce platforms will take notice and begin to engage in similar practices. He says the industry can have a huge impact in bringing about positive change in the world.

“The goal with My Gift Stop is to provide a place for people to find a gift that they want to give to themselves or to their loved ones,” says Zhu. “We’ve designed the website so that it’s user friendly and people can easily find the perfect gift and have it delivered quickly.”

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