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Outreach Studios Marks 400 projects Since Re-establishment

Last updated Tuesday, May 23, 2023 10:08 ET

Missouri-based film and TV production studio Outreach Studios has completed 400 projects since it was re-established in September 2020.

Richmond Heights, Missouri, 05/23/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Outreach Studios, a network-caliber film and TV production studio, has announced that it has had 400 projects since it was re-established in September 2020, following the closure of its predecessor company.

Rob Glessner, president of Outreach Studios, joined the company's previous incarnation in 2013. He was in charge of film and broadcast operations, heading a team of 8 people, but also handled business development. In September 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, the company went out of business, leaving dozens of employees out of their jobs.

According to Glessner, the company's closure came as a shock, and he still had some ongoing programs when it was announced. He decided to “pick up the pieces” and continue the company's business under his ownership, renaming it as Outreach Studios. He negotiated with the owner of the building to inherit the lease. Having been with the previous company for 7 years, Glessner was able to retain most of the client base to keep Outreach Studio in business in its early years.

“The decision to take over the old company's equipment and clients was a fast one. I didn't know what else to do. Over the years, I had built many good client relationships and developed a team I trusted. It takes so much effort to hire and train people, and I couldn't just leave everybody without a job,” he says.

Since Outreach Studios was formed, it steadily grew its client base, allowing it to have done 400 projects. According to Glessner, his company does a lot of work with nonprofit organizations, including Christian nonprofits and orphanage/childcare-related organizations, helping them raise funds through media campaigns. Outreach Studios also works with corporate clients for their internal communications needs as well as their external marketing campaigns.

“We work really well with nonprofits and give them really great rates, because one of the core purposes of our business is to help our nonprofit clients out. If we do well enough everywhere else, then we can continue to charge nonprofits less, aiding them in accomplishing their missions. We help them tell their stories through video and, at the end, encourage the viewers to donate or take other forms of action.”

While Glessner was not able to rehire all the people from the former company, he made sure to bring back 2 of his most trusted associates, and some of their other colleagues later joined, either as full-time employees or as freelancers. He is currently growing Outreach Studio's employee headcount by word of mouth and by leveraging his extensive media relationships. Outreach Studios also offers internship programs to local colleges, and several former interns have joined the company after graduation.

“I'm of the strong belief that cultural fit is important when hiring employees, and that it's almost as important as their skill set. Someone might have the right resume, but, if they aren't the right cultural fit, it just isn't going to work well,” he says.

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