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Fully immersive Hyper-Real experience JUMP receives coveted THEA award for connected immersion

Last updated Wednesday, May 24, 2023 13:50 ET

Jump by Limitless Flight received the Themed Entertainment Association award for connected immersion. The award comes as JUMP is planning to expand the business to new locations around the world.

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JUMP by Limitless Flight has received the Themed Entertainment Association award for connected immersion.

The company received the award for the creation of JUMP, which is an innovative hyper-real experience that combines all of the elements of real-world wingsuit flying in a controlled safe environment. Wingsuit flying is an expensive activity that requires a lot of experience in skydiving and is usually reserved for a very exclusive group of individuals who are willing to risk it all for the adrenaline rush of human flight.

JUMP offers wingsuit flying in a hyper-real simulator that gives people the real world, adrenaline rush experience of wingsuit flying. To do this, JUMP uses real wingsuits, custom VR helmets and a mix of suspension, wind system and hyper-real multi-sensory stimulation.

The company opened to the public in 2022, and in just one year of operations, JUMP received the THEA award. The award is given to businesses who have achieved major accomplishments that have a large impact on an industry and its consumers. James Jensen, Founder and CEO of JUMP, says the award gives him confidence to continue expanding the business and offer its services to people around the world.

“It's really great to be recognized in the industry as a leader in innovation, and to be able to do transformative experiences like this,” says Jensen. “It helps JUMP stand out in the market as a leader in virtual reality. It’s really about giving people a transformative experience for anyone who wants to get suited up and experience the hyper-real wingsuit flight.”

Jensen is seeking to expand JUMP with the help of investments. He wants to open more locations in the United States and around the world. Once more locations are opened the company plans to connect all locations into one server, so people can connect from anywhere in the world and experience wingsuit flying together. To achieve this he wants to connect with investors who share his same vision of providing people with a transformative experience and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

The team at JUMP has been able to deliver the experience of hyper-real wingsuit flying to the elderly, people with physical and mental disabilities and individuals who are too tall or big to go skydiving or wingsuit flying.

“This level of inclusivity not only allows us to cater to a larger audience but to give experiences to those who never would have this without our proprietary level of technology. It allows us to connect people from different walks of lives, create a new memory for a family, or make someone feel included in a place they never felt welcome,” says Jensen

Jensen previously worked for one of the largest immersive VR companies in the industry where he helped maintain and develop the company working with some of the worlds biggest brands. After he left the company he used his knowledge to create JUMP with the aim of providing people experiences for a better life. Jensen aims to leverage his position as one of the leading professionals within the industry to expand JUMP across the globe. He will achieve this by aiding investors with the knowledge and expertise he has gained in the industry.

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