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How to Save on Air Filters in 2023 - A Review of Camfil's Long-Lasting Filters

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One of the key points Dave highlights is the longevity of Camfil's air filters.

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As we move further into June 2023, the importance of cost-effective and efficient air filtration systems continues to be a critical consideration for businesses and property managers. One company that has consistently proven its worth in this area is Camfil, a leading provider of air filters. A video published back in January 2022 titled "How to Save on Air Filters in 2023 - Camfil Customer Review" offers valuable insights into the benefits of Camfil's air filters, and the insights remain just as relevant today.

In the video, Jon Holmes, a representative from Camfil, sits down with Dave Whittle, a long-term customer of Camfil. Dave shares his journey from skepticism to belief in the effectiveness and efficiency of Camfil's air filters. Dave honestly shared his initial doubts when Jon told him about Camfil's claims of longer-lasting and better-performing filters. However, after testing the product and witnessing the results firsthand, Dave became a convert.

One of the key points Dave highlights is the longevity of Camfil's air filters. While they may be slightly more expensive at the outset, these filters last significantly longer than standard ones. The longevity reduces the frequency of filter changes from a typical quarterly schedule to an annual and in some cases, even as long as two years because different filter styles were used.. This extended lifespan not only results in substantial cost savings but also frees up valuable time for building operators. With fewer filter changes to worry about, the staff can focus more on other essential tasks, including addressing customer service issues.

But the benefits of Camfil's air filters extend beyond cost savings and operational efficiency. Dave also emphasizes the importance of tenant comfort, a factor that was not compromised with the use of Camfil's filters. Despite their extended lifespan, the filters continue to perform effectively, ensuring a comfortable environment for tenants.

In conclusion, Dave wholeheartedly recommends Camfil's air filters. He believes that the annual cost savings, increased labor capacity within the maintenance team due to fewer changeouts, and maintained tenant comfort make choosing Camfil filters a "no-brainer." His experience serves as a testament to the value that Camfil air filters can bring to businesses and property managers.

For more detailed information and to hear Dave's experience in his own words, you can watch the full video here. As we continue through 2023, the insights shared in this video remain a valuable guide for anyone seeking to improve their air filtration system and save on costs.

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