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MotionGility Launches Automated Video Content Creation Process: Boost Productivity and Creativity

Last updated Thursday, May 25, 2023 11:29 ET , Source: MotionGility Animated Production Company

As the name suggests, these videos are equipped with characters that highly resemble realistic humans and backgrounds in terms of facial expressions, body movements, and gestures.

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Video content creation can be a complex task to execute, especially when you have so many aspects of marketing and production to take care of.

And if you look at the role of videos in the current scenario where user experience is everything, videos have collectively become the dominant form of media across the internet.

Today, it has become quite necessary for brands to integrate videos into their marketing plans for ensuring better results in terms of brand awareness and customer outreach.

However as mentioned earlier, creating actionable and appealing videos might not be possible for everyone but you can always invest your time and money in a video production company.

Before you discover how you can automate your video content creation process with an animation producer like MotionGility, check out the different types of animated videos prevalent among today’s brands:

1. High-end life-like videos

As the name suggests, these videos are equipped with characters that highly resemble realistic humans and backgrounds in terms of facial expressions, body movements, and gestures.

Such interactive characters attract viewers via compelling storytelling, thus allowing brands to communicate their products or services efficiently.

For creating such rich videos, you would require a team of experts at all stages of production and with advanced-level animation skills to bring out the best of an animated video.

2. Minimalistic life-like videos

Unlike high-end animations, minimalistic videos usually comprise simpler graphics and transitions depicting your message clearly but without burning a hole in your pocket

However, these videos are usually rejected by the market due to the myths out there but they’re a really great choice to begin your brand’s journey in video marketing

From the production perspective, such videos do not require advanced computer hardware for creating videos as it can be moderately done with a decent configuration setup.

3. Motion Graphics based animated videos

A motion graphic video can be an excellent way to add depth to a brand's product and spark the interest of the target audience.

Here, rich illustrations and graphics are presented in an illusion of motion where they seem to move in sequential movement across the screen.

As a result, they are instrumental in grabbing the attention of viewers and making them hold on till the completion of the video.

Animated videos come in different styles and sizes.

Quite often, businesses are normally on the lookout for customizing their video production plans as per their business or product-specific requirements.

However, they are easy to connect and can be created uniquely by every company in their own way but here’re the top models of how we offer services at MotionGility.

3 types of Video Production service models

While there can be multiple service models to choose from, it’s important to strategically figure out and choose the one that best suits your brand’s requirements.

Because the model you choose will affect your short-term as well as long-term marketing strategies significantly Here’s what you must know before making a decision

1. Year-long basis

Here, the production of video takes place consistently all year round.

Well, this could be related to multiple reasons such as videos for regular brand awareness and marketing campaigns that may also include important days and events, etc.

2. On a Video Series basis

Animated videos work wonders when it comes to communicating a brand’s campaign.

And to give wings to a campaign, brands usually plan out a series of videos to spread the word about their new product, a corporate undertaking, or any agenda they wish to talk about to their customers.

This series of videos helps them stay fresh in the target audience's minds, thus helping them strengthen their brand identity in the market.

3. On a Single Video basis

As the name suggests, this denotes the production of a single basis usually based on a singular requirement.

For instance, it could be an animated commercial featuring a new product or a crisp walkthrough of a dashboard, or even related to a training exercise at an organization.

Are you suffering in any way because of Generative AI?

With the emergence of Generative AI, the world is gradually transitioning into the world of automation.

While AI has the potential to produce content in half the time but when it comes to customizations and emotional touch, there are some limitations.

In simple words, when it comes to generating outputs even after providing AI tools with the most straightforward of prompts, it might fail to produce satisfactory results.

But at MotionGility, we never had any trouble due to any Generative AI.

With our experienced team of storyboard artists, illustrators, voiceover artists, and animators, we are always focused on creating well-researched audience-oriented animated videos that demonstrate your key message and connect with your audience in a way that is engaging and appealing.

As a result, it allows the company to bring all imaginations to reality with emotionally engaging content.

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