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The Role of a CTO as a Service in Digital Transformation

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When you work on a large project or it has unclear requirements or an unsettled business model, it is extremely important to have a specialist who would lead the rest of your team’s members “in line with” your business goals. We will talk about this specialist below.

CTO as a ‘Holy-Grail’ Expert for Your Business Needs

First, let’s answer the question: “What is CTO in business?” In a nutshell, a Chief Technology Officer, or a CTO, is a specialist responsible for developing a company's technology strategies. The ultimate goal of a CTO is to align a company's business goals with the technology it uses. However, this goal is very abstract, and in practice, this specialist may have different responsibilities to achieve it. Nevertheless, there is a certain "average" list of CTO skills. Let's look at them in more detail:

  • definition of general strategies for technology development;

  • adoption of global technology solutions;

  • internal technology arbitration;

  • selection of technologies that will be used in a specific project;

  • evaluation of technologies in terms of financial and time costs;

  • assessment of the duration and complexity of projects;

  • planning and building development processes;

  • formation of development teams;

  • distribution of tasks between team members;

  • tracking the progress of projects;

  • ensuring the quality of software development;

  • proposals on architecture for new or existing technical solutions;

  • code writing, code review, code refactoring;

  • technical pre-sale of projects;

  • technical risk management on projects;

  • communication with other departments and top managers of the company;

  • coordination of departments’ work;

  • technical interviews with new employees;

  • assessment of employees’ productivity;

  • employee training;

  • team motivation;

  • dealing with team leads.

Given such a wide range of CTO qualifications, it can be difficult to find such a specialist, especially when there is almost no time for it, and you need to implement new solutions to improve the efficiency of your business as soon as possible. In this case, it makes sense for you to consider virtual CTO services. We will talk about what it is below.

Is It Worth Resorting to the CTO as a Service Model?

As you can understand, the CTO as a Service cooperation model implies remote interaction with a specialist. This can happen on demand, on fixed days, for a certain number of hours weekly/monthly, and even all day long, as if it were your new in-house employee. Otherwise, the duties of such an expert will be the same as if they worked with you in the same office.

Thus, CTO as Service can be a real lifesaver for companies that need a CTO right here and now and, at the same time, do not have the ability to offer astronomical salaries to lure an experienced specialist from another company. Also, this type of CTO service will come in handy if you do not need to hire a full-time expert on staff.


We hope that we have helped you realize the need to hire a CTO for your team and now you can start looking for a specialist with the expertise you need. For example, you can contact us if the CTO as Service model suits you. We will provide you with an experienced specialist who will open up new growth opportunities for your business and, in particular, will form and help implement an effective strategy for the development of digital products. Contact us right now to explain your CTO requirements in detail.

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