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Unveiling FlappyMoonbird's Meteoric Rise: Reviving the Age-Old Contest that Ignited a Global Craze

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Unveiling FlappyMoonbird's Meteoric Rise: Reviving the Age-Old Contest that Ignited a Global Craze

Tallinn, Estonia, 05/25/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

FlappyMoonbird, a lightweight casual competitive game, has recently gained immense popularity in the Web3 gaming market. As the game dominated the BNBChain gaming charts and released its first NFT, it lately launched IDO and listing on Bybit as per its roadmap, drawing significant attention. The reason behind this success can be traced back to an age-old competition with over 200 years of history - pigeon racing.

Pigeon racing is a competition that tests the long-distance flying speed of pigeons. It originated in Europe and has since spread to other regions, becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Races are typically divided into single events, with international races being the most prestigious followed by national races and provincial leagues. The pigeon racing industry encompasses various aspects such as breeding, feed production, loft construction, race organization and technical support. Collaboration within the industry has led to its growth and increasing prize for competitions as well as prices for pigeons. In 2020, National Geographic Channel produced "Pigeon Kings", a documentary revealing that a single pigeon can be worth tens of thousands of dollars while one racing pigeon named "New Kim" set an auction record price of 1.6 million euros.

FlappyMoonbird aims to revolutionize traditional pigeon racing by combining it with virtual worlds and Web3 technology to create a competitive bird universe. Its latest game releases and breeding models offer users an unparalleled on-chain virtual pigeon racing experience which has attracted many players' participation.

Breed: The Art of Cultivating Champion Racing Pigeons

Racing pigeon cultivation is a traditional practice that requires professional knowledge and experience in breeding, feeding, health management, and reproduction. Breeders carefully select and breed pigeons based on their variety, pedigree, and flying ability while providing suitable feed and environmental conditions. They attach great importance to the lineage of birds used for competition as they believe that flight ability is inherited from previous generations. In addition to genetics, racing pigeon breeders also observe the quality of "racing pigeons" through body shape, skeleton structure, eyesight, wingspan etc. Training racing pigeons requires patience and experience in developing flying skills, navigation abilities training as well as physical fitness enhancement.

FlappyMoonbird game follows the same logic for cultivation and training but without the costs associated with pigeon coops or strict requirements such as nutrition & health care for racing pigeons or temperature/humidity/comfort required for breeding them. Players can easily cultivate an excellent racing bird just by clicking in-game buttons. The bird in the game features four attributes - Stability , Weight , Agility , Luck - which players can increase using various items available in-game during each session of training.

Racing Rules: Fairness and Challenge in Competitions

Pigeon racing is a simple yet exciting sport where participating pigeons are transported to the starting point and instinctively fly back to their own loft through navigation. To ensure fairness, pigeon racing usually follows a series of rules and standards that include determining the starting and ending points, recording flight time with timing systems, confirming pigeon identity using circular markers, tracking pigeon location and flight data using wireless communication technology, and judging competition results based on speed and accuracy.

Unlike traditional pigeon racing where results can be influenced by factors such as wind direction and loft location, FlappyMoonbird provides a fair gameplay. Players can use their own birds to participate in public races or bet on global players' race results for rewards up to thousands of times their bet amount. Those who hold core assets like Genesis Birds can also act as bankers and enjoy unique advantages after leveling up to the top.

To ensure absolute fairness, pure on-chain bird racing mode is provided which eliminates cheating behaviors found in traditional pigeon racing. Additionally, some random events have been added to bring more unknowns into race results, making it even more fun!

Compared to traditional pigeon racing, FlappyMoonbird offers a bird racing gamplay that incorporates the best aspects of the pigeon racing industry —— providing players with a high-stakes and intense competition experience. There are no physical pigeon lofts or fixed race schedules or compulsory auction; instead, through virtual stages and Web3 technology, players can control cute little birds for unique experiences such as global competitions, on-chain competitions, and profit sharing.

The prize pool for FlappyMoonbird's bird racing mode is unprecedented. Regular competitions offer generous rewards including FMB tokens, props, and unique cosmetics. This high-stakes reward has attracted many players' attention and sparked their enthusiasm for participating in the game. Additionally, based on player feedback and suggestions, FlappyMoonbird's development team has been continuously updating the game by launching new modes challenges and special events to provide fresh exciting gaming experiences that maintain player interest.

FlappyMoonbird with its bird racing game is set to become a strong force in the gaming world due to its high-stakes rewards system, global participation opportunities and continuous roadmap for development which will continue to attract more players' attention. It is not only an entertainment game but also a virtual flying sports feast that integrates the essence of traditional pigeon racing industry. Whether you are a loyal fan of pigeon racing or just looking for fun , FlappyMoonbird offers an extraordinary gaming experience and endless joy!

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