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Xclusive Yachts offers Luxury Cruising in Dubai's Water

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Dubai's gloriousness and glamour tempt thousands of tourists every passing year with modern touches; dinner cruises, parties, and mega events are offered by luxury yachts.

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Look no further if you're looking for luxury and incredible views. Two-hour yacht luxury cruise nourishes iconic views of Dubai's landmarks such as Burj Al Arab Hotel, Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai, and Jumeirah Beach. The breathtaking luxury yacht tour sparkling the water of Dubai is a pleasure for the mind and soul and satisfies your luxury needs.

Overview of Luxury Yacht Services

Dubai's gloriousness and glamour tempt thousands of tourists every passing year with modern touches; dinner cruises, parties, and mega events are offered by luxury yachts. Cruising in Dubai is a fantastic way to experience the city's majestic sights and mouth watering cuisines. Xclusive Yachts offer the largest operators in the United Emirates State, with 30 plus yachts and boats.

They offer a luxurious experience and provide 5-star hospitality to their customers seeking the best cruising services. Whether you go for a morning tour with the breakfast services, or lunch with the buffet options, these are the best options if you also like to cruise down for an unforgettable experience.

Dedicated Crew and Customized Menu

They have the best-dedicated crew on their cruises. When a yacht is booked for a luxurious experience, they accumulate everything from captains, chefs, crew members, and stewards to assisting you in water activities inside or outside the yacht to make the trip enjoyable effortlessly.

For the sake of people who want to enjoy the exquisite cuisine on the luxury yacht, they provide impeccable service that matches your superior standards. Their chefs are the best-certified holder chefs who prepare your personalized menu and accommodate your taste buds with tasty and fresh food. They have rated the Number 1 company that offers the best Yacht Rental in Dubai. They offered luxury cruising in terms of the best food menu options.

  • BBQ Menu

  • Veg BBQ Menu

  • Sea Food Menu

  • VIP Menu

  • Arabic Menu

  • Lebanese Menu

  • Nibbles Menu( Roasted dry fruits, Baked chips, and corns)

  • Dessert Menu

Luxury factors that compromise comfort more

Customer experience and satisfaction are the number one priority, and they work harder to be privileged with their services, reaffirmed with every review. This company typically offers high-end amenities to make the cruise experience luxurious for their clients who choose their company for rental yacht purposes.

Having ample and spacious rooms: Their luxury yachts have cabins and suites for enjoying the privacy of spending some private time, which makes you feel comfortable, with the attached bathrooms.

Extremely attractive interior: Their yachts have a beautiful and well-done interior by the experts, which is a good attraction for the tourist to select this company for choosing the yachts that accommodate your high-end interior looks.

Swimming and Jacuzzi Effects in Luxury Yachts: A luxury yacht has the facility of built-in swimming pools and jacuzzis that are officially designed to accumulate the luxurious effects of experiencing relaxation on a cruise.

Regular Maintenance and focus on being hygienic: They are always one step ahead to maintain regular Maintenance without suffering the customers to enjoy their cruise experience and ensure that they follow all the ways of being hygienic.

Many amenities, such as a music system and a small cinema room: To experience the luxury cruise in Dubai's water with the DJs on the cruise, listen to live music, and enjoy the party.

Ideal Yachting Adventure in Dubai with the Right Choice of luxury cruise

It would be best to have the right yacht and crew to create and enjoy the premium experience on the yacht. A well-trained and experienced broker will assist you in finding out the best and right choice of yachts for your luxury tour on a cruise.

Since 2006, this company has owned a fleet of more than 30 yachts and boats, awarded a winning yacht charter company, and distinguished itself from the others. With style and luxury amenities on board, make your cruise trip out of boundaries, such as spa services offering luxurious cruise facilities. The right choice of yachts will make your tour memorable forever, and surely choose this yacht service for the next trip to explore more in crystal clear Dubai's water


Safety and Security Point of View

This company has mainly focused on safety and prioritizes this point, which makes their company and the services beyond the best. Some measures are taken to ensure the safety and security of the passengers.

  1. Highly professional and well-trained staff and crew, having experience in the case of emergency.

  2. Modern equipment such as radar and GPS are installed and used for navigation.

  3. Provide the facility of Wi-Fi and satellite phones.

  4. The facility medical is also sure to make it on a yacht in case of emergency medical help.

  5. Strictly follows the measures and actions on boarding the luggage and screening the passengers.

  6. Follow the rules and regulations strictly to meet the international standards.

  7. Extra lifeboats are available for emergency purposes.

  8. Fire Alarms and fire extinguishers are installed to escape any bad incident.

Before finalization: estimate the cost of the two-hour ride on a luxury cruise

Prices depend on the yacht's selection; different types and various yacht services are available with the captain and the crew members. It depends on various factors like the size of the yacht, luxury yacht, charter yacht, supercharger yacht, and, of course, the duration of the tour ride on yachts. Availability of the service on five-star yacht costs vary for adults, AED 260, and child AED 160. After the decision is made and exploring the different destinations of Dubai, sitting and relaxing on the yacht, enjoying a peaceful time in the middle of the open water, gives a goosebump life experience.

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