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OmniBlock Launches Thermally Efficient Building Block That is Now an Economical Alternative to Wood Construction

Last updated Friday, May 26, 2023 13:26 ET

United States based construction company, OmniBlock is a uniquely designed concrete masonry unit that utilizes insulation within the block and provides a sustainable economic building method.

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OmniBlock, a pioneering construction material company, with its family of innovative thermally efficient building blocks, now competes with the cost of wood construction. This unique product offers a sustainable economic alternative to traditional wood construction, providing numerous benefits in terms of insulation, fire resistance, durability, and soundproofing. Additionally, what makes OmniBlock the best alternative is the fact that it is virtually the same cost as wood construction.

The OmniBlock system is built upon a patented insulated cementitious masonry unit (CMU) wall design that combines the advantages of indigenous aggregates, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation, thermal lag, exposed thermal mass, and air tightness. The result is a highly efficient wall system with an exceptional R-value, consistent with well-established and widely accepted thermal performance standards.

The unique thermal mass of OmniBlock is an additional attribute that increases comfort and energy efficiency passively. Incorporating the concept of thermal mass, which is exhibited by the natural coolness experienced in caves during the summer, OmniBlock structures absorb and redistribute heat, contributing to a naturally regulated indoor temperature. The exposed thermal mass of the block, even when coated with a thin skim coat of drywall mud, ensures that the building remains cool as it efficiently absorbs excess heat.

One of the key aspects of the OmniBlock design lies in its re-engineering of the age-old regular cinder block. By incorporating unique cells that can be easily filled with uniformly molded EPS foam insulation inserts, the OmniBlock unit surpasses its conventional counterparts in terms of thermal insulation capabilities. This reimagined structure allows for a significant reduction in heat flow, making it an ideal choice for climates with both cold winters and hot summers.

Unlike wood construction, OmniBlock is a permanent and durable solution that is resistant to termites and fire. With a remarkable 2.7-hour fire rating, the OmniBlock system provides unparalleled safety and peace of mind to building owners. Comparing the fire tests conducted on a 2-hour fire-rated insulated metal stud wall and a masonry wall using OmniBlock, it becomes evident that the latter exhibits exceptional resistance to high temperatures, further solidifying its reputation as a reliable and secure building material.

Beyond its remarkable thermal efficiency and fire resistance, OmniBlock is also renowned for its eco-friendly attributes. The manufacturing process of the insulation inserts ensures safe, clean, and non-toxic production methods, aligning with environmentally conscious principles. Moreover, the raw materials used in the production of OmniBlock are sourced from abundant and locally quarried inorganic elements (all products are US made), reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and extraction.

Another advantage of the OmniBlock system lies in its ability to provide excellent soundproofing properties. As an insulated heavyweight building material, sound does not easily travel through OmniBlock walls, creating a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. This feature makes it particularly suitable for residential, commercial, and educational buildings where noise reduction is a priority.

"The OmniBlock system is a game-changer in the construction industry. Our thermally efficient building block system provides a sustainable alternative to wood construction, offering superior insulation, fire resistance, wind resistance and soundproofing all at virtually the same cost as wood construction. With OmniBlock, builders and property owners can enjoy the benefits of a durable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient solution", says Denny Miller, the founder of OmniBlock.

OmniBlock continues to innovate and provide the construction industry with high-performance building materials that prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and safety. OmniBlock is now nationally available enabling builders and owners to experience the economic advantages of their product and their commitment to delivering long lasting solutions.

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