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Guangzhou Mika Goods Ltd Launches Meekaam, a New Platform For B2B Industrial Sourcing

Last updated Saturday, May 27, 2023 18:48 ET , Source: Guangzhou Mika Goods Co., Ltd

Meekaam is a New Platform For B2B Industrial Sourcing.

Guangzhou City, China, 05/27/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Sourcing industrial goods and machinery just got simpler. Supplychain.vip has launched Meekaam as the brand name under the company Guangzhou Mika Goods Co., Ltd, an online platform for manufacturers and purchasers of industrial goods. By simplifying sourcing and buying goods, Meekaam allows buyers and sellers to focus on their products and add more value for their end customers.

With in-house expertise in product quality and project management, as well as a marketplace filled with Asia’s top manufacturers, Meekaam is the new one-stop shop for all B2B industrial sourcing needs.

First O2O Platform For B2B Businesses

Meekaam is leveraging the powers of the O2O platform for B2B dealings. While customers and manufacturers can forge connections and build partnerships online, Meekaam’s on-ground project management team handles all the legwork needed offline. Companies can benefit from participating in a larger marketplace online, while also ensuring their offline factory inspection and supply chain logistics will be handled responsibly. Both buyers and sellers benefit from the high product quality, favorable pricing, clarity in communication, and reliable delivery model.

Like so many other fields of e-commerce, industrial goods have also found a thriving new marketplace in the digital sphere. Meekaam’s O2O model refines B2B dealings for industrial goods by combining advanced technology with a human touch.

Asia’s Top Suppliers in One Place

Companies looking to purchase industrial goods make an annual pilgrimage to the Canton Fair in China, seeking out the best brands and manufacturers from across Asia and the globe. Now, with Meekaam, they no longer have to wait for the annual expo. Instead, they can simply log onto Meekaam’s online platform to connect with over 50,000 of Asia’s best manufacturers and brands.

Participating in the Canton Fair marks out industrial goods manufacturers as trustworthy and reliable. China’s oldest and most well-regarded industrial product expo attracts only the best of the best among Asian manufacturers and brands. This stamp of quality is why Meekaam selects its sourcing partners from those who have exhibited at the Canton Fair.

Manufacturers who have participated in the fair will get FAIR memberships. Through Meekaam’s platform, manufacturers get a steady stream of customers all year round, and buyers can rest assured that their goods are being purchased from a vetted source.

The Ideal Industrial Goods Sourcing Platform

Meekaam has disrupted the traditional model of sourcing industrial goods. The O2O platform has many advantages over the traditional method of strictly offline sourcing. The exponential increase in customers and vendors is only the start. Here is how Meekaam is harnessing technology to improve the industrial goods sourcing experience for both buyers and sellers:

Online Supplier Searching

Meekaam’s vendor list of over 50,000 manufacturers and brands means buyers are spoilt for choice. By searching on the supplychain.vip portal, users can locate the exact product or company they were looking for.


Companies looking to purchase industrial goods can prepare a Request For Quote (RFQ) and post it on the Meekaam platform. Eligible vendors will then approach with their offers. This allows buyers to get the best possible price on every purchase.

VIP Sourcing Service

Meekaam has partnered with Sourcing Captain to handle all on-ground sourcing needs. At a low commission cost, Sourcing Captain creates a smooth, customized supply chain for every valued customer.

About the Founder

Gary Qiu, the founder of Meekaam, brings 16 years of supply chain management expertise. He identified a gap in the industrial goods marketplace where Chinese suppliers and overseas customers were running into hurdles. He founded Meekaam as an answer to these problems. Qiu’s mission is to build better connections between suppliers and customers while satisfying both requirements, Keep serving the supply chain and build value chain.

Company:Guangzhou Mika Goods Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Gary Qiu

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.supplychain.vip

Telephone: 86-189 23124899

Location:Guangzhou City, China


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