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ICON Asset Management AG is revolutionizing investing and alternative asset management

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ICON Asset Management AG is revolutionizing investing through A.I and emerging disruptive technologies that enable investors to realize above average performance returns in most market environments.

Zurich, Switzerland, 06/01/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Investors trying to navigate through a difficult investment environment and seeing an increase in volatility and ever changing markets can face a daunting task. This can also be a difficult landscape for start-up FinTech companies to raise money that would allow them to scale their businesses.

With rising inflation and interest rates becoming a global problem, the need for smart financial investment is becoming a top priority for most investors. Icon Asset Management AG is bringing their systematic non-correlated products and alternative asset management platform to professional investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios and yield greater risk adjusted returns.

ICON is a niche Swiss regulated alternative asset manager that assists disruptive technology startup companies with their fundraising efforts by connecting them with suitable investors. ICON is currently assisting QRL Semi Ltd., which has developed ground-breaking Adiabatic Reversible Technology, to allow the energy required per computation to be reduced by up to 99% in standard semiconductor chip fabrication. (CMOS)

They’re also assisting Family Office & UHNW professional investors who seek non-correlated products by offering them alpha generating systematic trading programs via an ICON Cayman based fund and Luxembourg issued ICON actively managed certificates. (AMCs) These ICON products use futures, options and derivatives as hedging instruments and current ICON client AUM in these vehicles exceeds $100 MM USD.

The ICON MoSAIQ systematic behavioural finance programme has done extremely well over the past four years, outperforming the S&P 500 with an annualised IRR exceeding over 20% net of all fees. Using A.I. & genetic algorithms, the MoSAIQ strategy selects up to 20 S&P 500 / Nasdaq 100 oversold stocks which are exhibiting idiosyncratic price volatility. Based on up to 50 years of stock price history, MoSAIQ purchases these stocks and on average holds the position for 2 ½ months to capture a mean reversion upward move and achieve a given price target. The 20 stock long exposure is hedged dynamically via short S&P exposures, using S&P 500 index futures and options, to include the long convexity Carmika Partners options hedge overlay.

Another excellent programme is the ICON TrueNAV Structured Yield strategy, which is an options trading strategy designed to profit from the short term mean reversion of the stock market while limiting losses when momentum is dominant. TrueNAV offers a high risk adjusted return with a low correlation to the stock market, suited to any market condition. TrueNAV’s main advantage is always being net long option premium, so losses due to large market shocks are automatically capped.

Finally the ICON Brouwers Multistrategy certificate employs a dynamic set of independent automated strategies trading long & short exposures in the equity and bond futures and commodity space. Its non-correlated performance profile allowed it to perform well in 2022 when the broader S&P 500 equity market lost 18%.

The ICON MoSAIQ Max Sharpe (Cayman) Fund is newly being offered to U.S. onshore investors via a Delaware feeder and is available on the Kettera Hydra emerging managers platform.

Icon Asset Management was founded in Zurich in 2006 by CEO Richard Toolen with several former colleagues from Daiwa Securities Europe where they were trained in the 1990s as global macro proprietary traders. They identified and captured momentum and counter trend movements within the FX, fixed income and equity markets, which has given them extensive and unique experience to apply to the emerging technologies being deployed today. After leaving Daiwa Securities Europe, Richard and his colleagues traded together at boutiques in Dublin and Munich and Gibraltar before moving to Zurich, Switzerland.

“The whole ethos of Icon Asset Management is to offer non-correlated absolute return programs and non-traditional products that will protect investors when the stock or the financial markets are quite negative, so that's what we're building here,” says Toolen.

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