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Mark Sutton Prepares to Mesmerise with Latest Single "Transcendence" Set for June Release

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Fans of composer and musician, Mark Sutton, eagerly await the arrival of his newest single, "Transcendence," as he continues to weave his signature blend of atmospheric piano and orchestra classics.

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Renowned for his evocative and nostalgic style, Mark Sutton has captivated audiences time and again with his exceptional musical prowess. Now, he is poised to enchant listeners once more with the imminent release of "Transcendence." 

This eagerly anticipated composition, scheduled to grace the airwaves on June 3, 2023, promises to embark its listeners on an extraordinary journey of transformation through its melodies and harmonies. As the release date draws near, the excitement and anticipation surrounding Sutton's latest creation continue to soar, setting the stage for a truly captivating musical experience."

The subject of rising above the things that challenge us, of transcending, is dear to my heart," commented Sutton. "I look forward to seeing the response to Transcendence. This piece truly comes from the heart."

From his studio in Dorset, Mark Sutton demonstrates his mastery of digital orchestration and the creation of background and theme music. While he is adept at composing specific briefs or accompanying visual works, his non-commissioned pieces are crafted with a unique artistic approach. Mark allows his fingers to guide him, following his soul's whispers as he delves into the realm of musical creation. "Transcendence" showcases these elements of his style in a way early listeners say touches the heart and soul.

Mark's deep connection with music dates back to an early age, honing his skills as a piano virtuoso. His compositions draw inspiration from an eye-opening variety of modern and classical artists, with names like Chopin, Olafur Arnalds, Ludovico Einaudi are dear to him. The result is rich and varied presenting an interesting and rewarding musical tapestry that has attracted interest from across the world.

As a kind of “soundtrack for life,” Mark's work combines orchestra compositions and pure piano tunes, delivering a soothing contemplative experience, making it the perfect accompaniment for moments of relaxation and introspection. His fans have credited the songs as acting a guide for the mind--Mo, body, and soul toward feelings of contentment and peace.

"Transcendence" builds off of the composer's past success. One highlight is his 2016 acclaimed album "Quest of The Spirit," which won praise as an "illuminated journey of the soul" with "each note and rise and fall in the music serving as a cartographer, mapping out a way forward with sounds that escort listeners to the very core of their being."

Mark Sutton's musical creations transcend boundaries, guiding listeners through a transformative experience crafted by a maestro who possesses an innate understanding of the human condition. His compositions evoke emotions and transport audiences to places unseen, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and minds.

As anticipation builds for the release of "Transcendence" in June, music enthusiasts and fans of Mark Sutton can look forward to yet another captivating and emotionally-charged masterpiece that will stir the depths of their souls.

Mark Sutton's compositions can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and other major platforms. 

An updated list of releases is on https://linktr.ee/pianoman_mark

For further information, interview requests, or to arrange a preview of "Transcendence," visit https://www.marksutton.biz

Be sure to follow Mark on Spotify ;https://open.spotify.com/artist/1J6LPZOXVWhdIUZTcfI9Px?si=gld7zpx0QVW3GtXyx5SuF

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