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Saas Company, ChainFuse, Launches Their No-Code AI Creation Platform For Bridging The Gap In Hospitality

Last updated Wednesday, June 28, 2023 10:04 ET

ChainFuse, a new solution for AI in hospitality, has just unveiled their platform. Within their ecosystem, hospitality providers can build conversational AI interfaces and access data analytics.

Silicon Valley, California, 06/28/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Silicon Valley SaaS company, ChainFuse, has officially launched its platform for creating conversational AI products without coding. The recently launched company mainly offers its solutions to hospitality businesses across the U.S. focused on elevating customer experiences. However, ChainFuse delivers unique value to both guests and hosts. The AI-integrated technology streamlines guest management and drives client relationships.

ChainFuse is a licensed platform that provides three distinct features: Access to a data-driven dashboard, in-depth analytics, and a conversational AI interface. ChainFuse dashboards are built from conversational and behavioral data that are viewed in detail or through summaries.

Creating a conversational AI through ChainFuse is extremely simple. After completing a form, hotel professionals will upload visual content and connect ChainFuse with their current system.

ChainFuse’s conversational AI interfaces will be accessible inside guest rooms. Hotel staff will also have access to ChainFuse’s insights. These digital touchpoints will streamline any form of communication between customers and staff. Guests can ask the AI any question about amenity locations or city attractions. The system can handle requests independently, but some will require human assistance. In this case, the AI will notify staff with the information they need to respond instantly to a guest’s needs.

Before ChainFuse was designed to serve the hospitality industry, co-founders George Portillo and Victor Sanchez worked at leading tech companies. George’s work required him to build conversational AI platforms that he later adapted to his ChainFuse creations. Alternatively, Victor became an expert at understanding user behavior and learning how to perfect software products. Through Web3 events the pair was active at, George and Victor gained insight into the problems hospitality leaders and their customers faced. These discoveries fueled the development of ChainFuse and its dual approach to satisfying customers and business owners.

This year the company enhanced the experience of festival goers at one of the world’s leading music festivals, located in Coachella Valley. The team built an AI tailored for a sponsored glamping experience, that utilized thousands of QR codes to provide a virtual interface. This helped to connect guests as a community and enhanced their level of access to festival resources. The event gave ChainFuse actionable insight into the power of AI for guests in the hospitality space, helping clients appeal to their guests’ curiosity and surface their impulses.

ChainFuse’s mission is to streamline procedures and minimize customer frustration. The team hopes that their solutions will empower hospitality providers to succeed and will inspire customers to indulge in the benefits an AI system can offer. Naturally, their software will inspire future applications of AI in hospitality, which the founders view as very beneficial.

“In a few years, I think the public will expect hospitality providers to have a conversational interface like ChainFuse because it transforms a guest experience and eliminates the frustration current systems cause,” says George Portillo.

Within the coming years, ChainFuse plans to release developer tools that help the company innovate. But for the time being, ChainFuse is perfecting its business model for the exciting future of AI solutions.

“The principles that will matter at ChainFuse in the future are our dedication to creating tools that humanize the experience of using technology. Since launching, ChainFuse has encouraged virtual interactions to cause real-world experiences that hospitality guests will love,” says Victor Sanchez.

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