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24Seven Commerce Invites POS Software Developers to Partner and Leverage the Power of Octopus Bridge

Last updated Friday, July 21, 2023 10:26 ET , Source: 24Seven Commerce

Partner with 24Seven Commerce and unlock a Vast Network of 25+ Integrated eCommerce Platforms and Marketplaces with a Single Integration through Octopus Bridge.

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The retail landscape has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, more so post pandemic, with the rapid growth of eCommerce. Consumers now demand seamless multi-channel shopping experiences, pushing retailers to adapt and embrace a digital-first approach.

- Top 500 Retailers offering curbside pickup:

Pre-pandemic (2019) – 10.1%

Post-pandemic (2021) – 62.3%

    - BOPIS making up 9% of all ecommerce sales (nearly $96 billion)

    (Source: Digital Commerce 360)

    24Seven Commerce, a leading provider of Integration-as-a-service (IaaS) platform called Octopus Bridge, is excited to extend an invitation to POS software developers to collaborate and harness the exceptional capabilities of its platform. By partnering with 24Seven Commerce, POS companies can effortlessly gain access to a comprehensive network of integrated eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

    Octopus Bridge serves as a unifying force, enabling POS companies to build one integration and seamlessly connect with all eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. This centralized approach eliminates the complexities of managing multiple integrations, saving time, effort, and valuable resources. With Octopus Bridge, retailers can unlock a host of advantages that foster growth and enhance their customer experience.

    Key advantages of Octopus Bridge for the POS developers are:

    One Publisher: With Octopus Bridge, POS companies can extend their reach effortlessly. By integrating with Octopus Bridge, businesses gain access to a wide range of eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, exponentially expanding their market presence.

    One Order Format: Simplify operations and reduce complexity with a single order format. Octopus Bridge enables businesses to seamlessly manage orders from various eCommerce platforms, streamlining the order fulfillment process.

    Safety Net Rules: Avoid overselling and inventory discrepancies using Octopus Bridge's robust safety net rules. Retailers can implement custom rules and safeguards to ensure inventory accuracy and prevent potential errors.

    Affordable Solution: Octopus Bridge is specifically developed to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. By offering a cost-effective solution, 24Seven Commerce empowers retailers of all sizes to leverage the benefits of a unified eCommerce ecosystem.

    Quick Onboarding: Time is of the essence in the fast-paced retail industry. Octopus Bridge's swift onboarding process ensures that businesses can go live within hours, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

    Anil Jindal, CEO of 24Seven Commerce, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with POS software developers, stating, "We believe that the future of retail lies in seamless integration across platforms. Octopus Bridge enables businesses to unlock the true potential of eCommerce, streamlining operations and driving growth. We invite POS software developers to join us in revolutionizing the retail landscape and deliver exceptional value to businesses worldwide."

    24Seven Commerce's commitment to delivering reliable solutions and exceptional customer service is evident through its successful partnership with Auto-Star, a renowned POS software company. Robert Symmonds, President & CEO of Auto-Star, shared his positive experience, stating, "After not striking the right chord with other eCommerce companies, a value-added reseller introduced us to 24Seven Commerce. Auto-Star and 24Seven have a shared commitment to responsive customer service and user-friendly products that retailers can rely on."

    Auto-Star leveraged 24Seven's API to develop a seamless integration to their Star-Plus point-of-sale system. This integration enabled retailers to efficiently sell in-store and across multiple eCommerce platforms, automating inventory management and enhancing customer loyalty. Symmonds further highlighted the exceptional speed of the integration, stating, "When making changes to a product's price in Star-Plus, the item is updated at the eCommerce site within seconds."

    For POS software developers seeking a comprehensive eCommerce integration solution, partnering with 24Seven Commerce and leveraging the power of Octopus Bridge presents an unparalleled opportunity to transform the retail landscape.

    About 24Seven Commerce:

    24Seven Commerce is a leading provider of innovative eCommerce solutions, enabling retailers to seamlessly manage their operations across multiple platforms. With Octopus Bridge, their flagship platform, businesses can effortlessly integrate with various eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, simplifying operations and fueling growth. 24Seven Commerce is committed to delivering exceptional value and exceptional customer service to businesses worldwide.

    For more information, visit https://www.24sevencommerce.com/.


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