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Entrepreneur and Consultant Bill Litster Receives the Profit First Professional Firm of the Year Award

Last updated Friday, July 21, 2023 13:11 ET

Serial entrepreneur and business consultant Bill Litster has been chosen as Profit First Professional of the year for 2022.

Liberty, Missouri , 07/21/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Bill Litster, a business professional with over 25 years of experience, has recently received the Profit First Professional Firm of the Year award. The reward was made to select an entrepreneur that has the largest impact on their clients. fSince receiving this award, Bill has collaborated with Mike Michalowicz the author of the best selling book Profit First. This collaboration included Bill helping write and perform the Profit First song that is included in the recently released audio version of the book. He is very grateful for these opportunities to spread the principles of the community and believes Profit First has made a significant contribution to his consulting firm Better Biz Info.

Profit First Professionals was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan. The mission of Profit First is to provide business owners across the globe with a framework for creating a profitable and sustainable business. Many entrepreneurs become worried about making ends meet and often pay themselves last, which means they’re never making a profit from their hard work. To solve this problem and provide all entrepreneurs with a supportive community, Profit First Professionals was born.

Bill Litster has been a member of Profit First Professionals for several years. He joined after hearing about the organization from a client he was working with. That decision transformed how Bill operated in business and life. By partnering with Mike, Bill was able to offer Profit First principles at Better Biz Info and expand his client portfolio. He was also able to build connections with Ron and the other members of Profit First’s team. These relationships have provided Bill with support and friendship during tough times in business.

Profit First’s mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty and promote genuine service. By these two principles, Bill is the perfect recipient for their annual award. Through his consulting work, he enables small business owners to build profitable businesses that embody their personal vision. Bill helps passionate entrepreneurs move past worries and stress that keep them from making money, paying their employees, and having a fulfilling career.

Better Biz Info clients can participate in Bill’s Visibility, Profitability, and Scalability Program for personalized support and consulting. Over five to twelve months, Bill identifies problems around money, maximizes profit, and introduces systems for ensuring stability.

Through this program and Profit First principles, Bill has allowed hundreds of clients to achieve their dreams. Bill is a talented educator because of his previous experience teaching technological concepts to prestigious clients. However, he has become successful because of his genuine desire to serve others.

"When you teach a person something new and see that light bulb moment change their life, that gives me an indescribable feeling that money doesn't buy," says Litster.

For the future, Bill wants to cultivate relationships with consulting clients from all over the US and abroad. His overall goal for the next two years is to maximize the passive function of his business. Bill is looking forward to spending that extra time helping more individuals achieve both their business as well as their personal goals.

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