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The Launch Of Optimeyes.ai Transforms Risk Management By Forging Connections Between Decision Makers and Tech Teams

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AI/ML-powered risk modeling platform, OptimEyes, utilizes a novel approach to solve businesses’ critical security needs.

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OptimEyes.ai, an on-demand SaaS solution focusing on cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance risk modeling, is dedicated to solving risk management challenges and transitioning away from an outdated governance approach. OptimEyes uses the term ROAR-Risk, Orchestration, Automation, and Response.

Since this traditional governance approach was built on outdated technology, it is incapable of properly addressing today's rapidly evolving risk landscape, which continues to fluctuate. OptimEyes can present multiple levels of operational risk in a centralized and intuitive manner. OptimEyes uses Integrated Risk Modeling and Decisioning, which includes continuous risk assessment, risk quantification, and risk prioritization (including risk scenario planning and risk remediation). With these insights, executives and their teams can make more informed business decisions and implement strategies for achieving their goals and objectives.

Since the world began its journey of technological exploration, the risk profile for operating a business has completely transformed. The mid-90s boom of tech startups doesn’t face the same struggles modern companies do. In 2020, cybersecurity threats like malware (358%) and ransomware (435%) attacks have risen exponentially. This uptick is likely because of the wide availability of AI hacking tools. Malicious individuals can prey on the vulnerabilities many businesses are unaware of. The current industry lacks three million professionals that could fill in-demand positions worldwide. COVID-19 also played a significant role in accelerating digital transformation for businesses across the globe. While this shift has brought many benefits, the risks have never been higher for new and existing companies across multiple industries and geographical locations. Therefore, businesses must decipher which risk management solutions provide them with the most appropriate holistic support and protection given their unique risk profile and risk challenges on multiple levels.

Utilizing AI and machine learning for risk-based modeling has, to date, been uncommon. OptimEyes’ proprietary strategy for assisting clients has proven successful. By linking tech teams to C-level decision makers, organizations establish a single source of truth that allows their companies to understand the impact of risk on their goals and objectives. On this basis the business will become a proactive decision-maker and reduce its overall risk exposure. Persona based dashboards support previously disconnected operating departments with better risk visibility from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective. The multi-persona dashboards provide real-time insights like trackable risk scoring and predictive analytics. This drives continuous risk assessment, quantification, and prioritization.

As an AI-powered platform, OptimEyes has been the first to create industry-specific risk assessments that generate predictions for when and how a new threat may occur. Client data generates these insights to provide a view of a business’s risk profile. Whether operational, functional, or enterprise risk, OptimEyes helps clients discover, prioritize, and optimize their overall risk profile.

When introducing new clients, the company has an efficient onboarding process. After receiving client data, deployment is finalized in a few short weeks. Completing this groundwork and fine-tuning the industry specific factory default settings, quickly enables OptimEyes to configure the platform to reflect the clients’ risk appetite, revenue, and other unique characteristics. Once the platform is configured, it is easy for the client to add additional data sources and other fine tuning.

Each client has a personalized platform that reflects its audience and organization size. This will empower them with more accurate, intuitive services that uniquely fit their needs. OptimEyes views clients as partners and provides continuous support for their particular risk model. OptimEyes understands how important their platform is to transforming risk management processes and are committed to ensuring it operates perfectly.

OptimEyes was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneur AJ Sarkar. Through one of his companies, AJ realized how crucial defining and quantifying risk was for an organization. If teams viewed the topic differently, they would face much larger risk problems because of a disconnect. To solve this problem for any small businesses or Fortune 500, AJ spoke with over 800 C-level executives for advice.

"The journey of OptimEyes began in 2018 when I spoke to hundreds of companies and CXOs. Their advice and knowledge helped me get the company where it is today. It also inspired me to continue refining OptimEyes’ offerings and fine-tune a risk model for each client. But ultimately to build functional shrink-wrapped risk models for particular use cases, including supply chain, mergers, and acquisitions, and so on,” says CEO and founder AJ Sarkar.

Andrew Beagley was a key contact for AJ during the early stages of OptimEyes. Andrew has significant experience as a Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and understood how the industry needed to evolve. He saw AJ’s ambitious plan as a way for companies and executives to understand the impact of risk on their goals and objectives.

OptimEyes has worked with clients across multiple industries and is seeking investment to scale the company. They would like to continue the development of their offerings as a full-scale service. Cybersecurity is one of their specialties, but with this investment, they plan to continue to widen their offerings. An offering OptimEyes is currently developing is around cyber insurance. Current services are unable to appropriately protect businesses. OptimEyes believes a platform-based exchange could help solve the issue. Businesses could save money on insurance and receive better protection by pooling funds. OptimEyes is committed to solving the most urgent risk issues in the cybersecurity and other industries. Through these initiatives, the company will help businesses understand risk holistically and make wiser decisions.

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