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CareerStart marks two decades of helping college students and young job-seekers succeed as career professionals

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CarerStart talks through its 20 years of supporting college students and young job-seekers with effective career coaching that positions them for career success.

Chicago, Illinois, 08/17/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

CareerStart is celebrating 20 years of coaching job-seekers to achieve their career dreams. CareerStart is a company that helps college graduates and young professionals looking to land a role, change careers, or seek an opportunity to pivot mid-career. The company helps clients remodel their resumes and cover letters, helps them understand interview etiquette and coaches new employees on acceptable office behaviors.

Pamela Gingold is the founder of CareerStart. She has 20 years experience in career development and coaching with hands-on business expertise. According to her, CareerStart was born out of her passion for helping others achieve career success. Gingold says CareerStart focuses on college students and graduates looking to kick-start their professional careers.

“Our goal is to help young graduates understand what the interviewer is looking for and adequately prepare to ace their interviews. To achieve this, we arrange mock interviews which enable our clients to assess their interview skills and improve their effectiveness. This helps enable us to direct them on what to do and what not to do when facing an interview panel. We also have ability assessments that enable students to build initial expertise on their college majors and potential careers early on. This enables them to select studies that are relevant to their future. We carefully tutor college students through extracurricular activities that help them in developing relevant skills and attributes which employers look for in job placements,” she notes.

Gingold adds that CareerStart has provided step-by-step coaching for hundreds of young graduates and college students who have gone ahead to become professionals in various fields. She explains that her team of professionals have deep passion for creating a competitive edge for their clients.

“CareerStart comprises professionals with years of mentorship and career experience who help students understand what they need to do to succeed, from developing effective resumes and cover letters, and understanding interview etiquette, to securing the job of their dreams and having the right skills and behavior to grow. We have helped all of our young clients develop their ‘personal brand’, as well as assisting them leverage networking towards achieving their professional goals. We also instill in our clients the right confidence needed to succeed at an interview and to be successful in their professional endeavors. Our team has experienced professionals drawn from different industries, such as accounting, consulting, financial, and technology. CareerStart clientele has ranged from Business, English, and Journalism to Sociology, and Psychology majors; having a deep understanding of careers that fit for any major using their established skill set. Identifying common skills to fit within many other career paths for their clients, is expertise CareerStart brings to the table. We are always willing to help in giving your career a head-start for the next level,” she explains.

Gingold reiterates that CareerStart offers a personalized plan tailored to help clients meet their specific career goals, objectives, and lifestyle. She adds that the company develops an individually determined job search plan for every client, effectively executing the plan while coaching them every step of the way to land the full-time position or internship. She says the goal is to continue to coach young graduate job-seekers, giving them one-on-one support that literally walks them through into a job or career that fulfills their professional dream.

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