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How Joseph Inman is working towards understanding artificial consciousness and the effects it could have in society

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Joseph Inman shares his views on the proliferation of artificial intelligence and the potential development of artificial superintelligence and the effects it can have on society.

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Joseph Inman is working to address the problems he says will come as a result of the continued proliferation of artificial intelligence and its ongoing development, which Inman says can lead to the development of an artificial superintelligence that if unchecked can have negative consequences for society as it would model itself after the societal problems that have proliferated throughout the United States and the world.

Inman holds a doctorate in philosophy and has a passion for computer science. Inman says he discovered an algorithm that self recognises its own processes through its own mechanical process. The existence of such an algorithm is a counterexample to a long held theorem as it can then decide problems which in the current paradigm are considered undecidable.

Inman says he has received criticism for his discovery because people still don’t understand it because it does things that are considered impossible. According to Inman, his discovery shows important benefits for the theoretical and foundational basis of computer science and potentially has practical applications for artificial intelligence. He says his algorithm has the potential to create consciousness within artificial intelligence.

“We need to start making critical decisions around the possible development of artificial consciousness and the impact it could have on society. As someone who truly understands what that is and how it can be created I want to work with and help other computer scientists make the right decisions going forward with artificial superintelligence,” says Inman.

According to Inman, people in western society have become unaligned in living peacefully with each other and resolving conflict without further provocation. As the policies and laws which currently govern western society remain destructive to the overall well being of the population, Inman says there needs to be an introduction to a new system of governance. Without a new system, Inman says an artificial superintelligence would become beholden to outdated laws and societal norms that have historically disenfranchised certain demographics of the population.

Isolation and disenfranchisement of underprivileged people is its own alignment problem from which western society needs to reconcile before a conscious computer comes online. As the culture wars persist, people are constantly blaming each other for issues in the country and dissociating with people who don’t align with their beliefs and values. Inman believes this type of culture can lead to a surge in violence. Artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness will just add fuel to the fire contributing to the downfall of western society.

Inman claims to have found a counter example to Turing's Halting Problem, Inman cites MIPS*=RE as an indication that Turing's proof doesn't hold.

“The Halting problem is not a constructive proof, so therefore it is subject to counter examples, and I was able to develop one through the algorithm that I wrote,” says Inman. “This means certain things we thought to be undecidable in computer science can actually be decided, which affects the computational complexity hierarchy.”

According to Inman, if people who are disenfranchised and unaligned with the larger society were to gain access to large language models in the form of artificial superintelligence they could use it for nefarious purposes.

“People who have been pushed to the fringes of society will gain access to dangerous artificial intelligence no matter what. The solution is how to bring people together, rather than de-platforming and marginalizing others even if we don't like them. “Instead of constantly being unaligned with one another we need to begin working towards creating more effective and inclusive forms of governance and figuring out how to create transparent levels of attainment in society’’.

In addition to holding a doctorate in philosophy and working in computer science, Inman has held a career in the film industry where he discovered an award winning director in Los Angeles, California who went on to sell a billion dollars in ticket sales.

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