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POD MOD Pioneer, VOOPOO, Makes Another Step Forward

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VOOPOO released the new POD MOD device named DRAG H40. With a maximum power of 40 W, it is VOOPOO's most portable pod mod for advanced users to begin their DTL vaping journey

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VOOPOO, a company known for its e-cigarette products, has just launched its latest product, the DRAG H40 POD MOD. This is a significant achievement as it marks the fourth year since VOOPOO first introduced POD MODs to the industry.

This July, the new POD MOD DRAG H40 was released and it has been widely recognized. In such a highly competitive e-cigarette market, VOOPOO's position in POD MOD is still very significant. How can VOOPOO maintain its leading position, and what can we learn from this company?

VOOPOO was founded in 2017, and it was also the year that VOOPOO made itself renowned worldwide with its debut DRAG. Although the feedback to the DRAG has been overwhelmingly favorable, VOOPOO has found that many vapers require a transition before they reach their preferred vaping experience. With this as motivation, VOOPOO created the ground-breaking POD MOD device to bridge the gap between the MOD and POD and fill the output power vacancy

The first MOD POD is VINCI with MAX 40W power output. In comparison to conventional MOD devices, VINCI is more intelligent to interact with, wider in the function possibilities, and more portable. The second VINCI, VINCI 2, has less weight and greater portability. VINCI 2 makes bigger flavorful clouds with a maximum 50 W power output. The third generation of VINCI, VINCI 3, was released, which has a max 50 W output power, and a wide range of airflow adjustments was released at the beginning of this year. It satisfies users from pure tight puffs to no-chocking strong DTL. Each iteration of VINCI, VINCI 2, and VINCI 3 improves the integration of mobility and a variety of vaping experiences.

In addition to the advanced POD MOD in the VOOPOO VINCI series, the DRAG series also offers various sophisticated POD MOD, including the portable DRAG X and DRAG S with a MAX 80 W power output. They are the creation of performance and aesthetics, reframing the sensory experience.

Besides, DRAG H80s and DRAG E60 are featured with minimalist and compact design and long-lasting ECO mode, providing a rich cloud and fine taste.

Recently, VOOPOO released the new POD MOD device named DRAG H40. With a maximum power of 40 W, it is VOOPOO's most portable pod mod for advanced users to begin their DTL vaping journey. Users no longer have to worry about frequent charging and e-liquid refillings with the 5 mL e-liquid tank and 1500 mAh battery capacity. The PnP coils' DUAL-IN-ONE TECH quickens the coil's heating and atomizing process, improving atomizing effectiveness and offering a wonderful DTL vaping experience. Additionally, the PnP Dual In One coil in the improved PnP POD II increases atomization efficiency, thoroughly atomizing e-liquid, and offering a rich flavor and delicate taste with bursting vapor. The integration of simplicity and long-lasting performance provides more flexibility for the vapers to explore their best vaping experience.

VOOPOO created several cutting-edge POD MOD devices after years of development. For those looking for the most cutting-edge POD MOD vaping experience, the recently launched DRAG H40 could be the device setting the market trend and the best option. Without a doubt, VOOPOO will continue to produce more advanced vapes for consumers that are more sophisticated and contribute to the industry more.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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This product contains nicotine, a substance known to be addictive. Nicotine is harmful to health and can cause a range of serious medical conditions. It is intended for use by adult smokers and vapers only. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, individuals with heart conditions, and those with respiratory issues should avoid nicotine-containing products. If you are unsure about the suitability of nicotine consumption for your health, consult a medical professional before using this product. Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets.

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