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ProCamera is the leading iOS app offering users professional and sophisticated photo and video capturing capabilities

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All-in-one photo and video capture app, ProCamera, is the preferred choice for professional photographers and enthusiasts due to its attractive features and consistent updates.

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ProCamera, a video and photo capture app that offers photo editing and other advanced features, is perfect for photographers of all skill levels. The app’s essential features were carefully formulated after 14 years of development by a team who are photography enthusiasts themselves. ProCamera is available for iPhone and iPad and is consistently updated with new features.

Available on the app store after a one-time payment, ProCamera gives its users almost unlimited access to advanced, yet simple to understand features that satisfy photographers’ every need. The app was made to be an all-in-one solution that can handle photo and video capture as well as photo editing.

ProCamera keeps users’ in mind with its variety of file format options. This allows content on the app to be downloaded in standard formats like JPEG and HEIF or as TIFF, RAW and ProRAW files that are a staple for professional photographers. Users also have access to capabilities like a QR scanner, multi-lens support, a fullscreen trigger, metadata viewer, and a photo compass for locating a photo location of a previous photo. These innovative additions allow ProCamera to differentiate itself from competitors.

Whether you’re using ProCamera on iPhone or iPad, the app has a tailored interface that enables you to take the best videos and photos possible. This means simplifying controls or keeping the more advanced capabilities at your fingertips. For users of the Apple photo cloud, the data is synced to iCloud, making editing and capturing simple for all of your linked devices.

ProCamera was created by a team of independent developers based in Germany. Since the release of the first iPhone, ProCamera’s CEO Jens Dämgen recognized how the device’s camera could become a comprehensive solution for every person’s professional and personal needs. This belief only strengthened as each new device was equipped with a higher quality camera.

The app offers unlimited access to a wide range of photography features after a one-time payment and also expands these features with its ProCamera Up bundle that can be paid by monthly subscription or all at once. Some features that are included with this upgrade include a private light box for safeguarding your photos, custom camera presets, filter sets for any mood, auto perspective correction, and RAW exposure bracketing.

ProCamera will be rolling out more features later this month to accommodate iOS 17 and its users’ desires for specific capabilities. They will be adding instant capture with zero shutter-lag, extended dynamic range support (EDR), enhanced ProRaw editing, cinematic precision, and anamorphic lens support.

In the next five to ten years, ProCamera will be focusing on continued software updates and improvements. The team plans to make its interface even more intuitive and they hope to bring niche features to its Up bundle so users have a satisfying experience.

"ProCamera can be tailored to the needs of every user or even every scene. Whatever your desires are, you can find something of value in our app,” says CEO Jens Dämgen, “Those who don't want to stress over manual controls can capture videos or photos with a single click. Alternatively, photographers wanting full-scale capabilities in a convenient app will find everything they’re looking for. The interface is intuitive and will allow them to have more control over their exposure, focus, file type and capture quality, making ProCamera a tool that gives users great content each time.”

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