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WineChain announces smart, secure, and streamlined NFT marketplace for buying, sourcing, and storing fine wines

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WineChain, a Fine-Wine NFT Marketplace, created by winemakers, founded by four wine entrepreneurs to elevate the customer experience through the authenticity and traceability of blockchain technology.

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WineChain, a startup dedicated to offering non-fungible tokens (NFT) to track and trace the purchase, trading, and storage of fine wines, has launched its innovative marketplace. The company’s unique wiNeFT tokens are minted by leading wineries and offer complete transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of a fine wine.

WineChain’s online marketplace provides customers with access to the most rare and limited wines. Currently, the platform includes products located in France, Italy, Germany, and Portugal. In addition to listing some of the rarest wines and the future great wines of tomorrow, WineChain is proud to collaborate logistically with some of wine’s most prestigious families including Rouzaud, Moueix, Reybier, Perrin as well as Saade.

The marketplace is easy to navigate and understand for any wine collector that may be interested in NFTs. Once a user opens an account, they receive a digital wallet where their NFTs will be stored after purchasing their favorite wines. Each wine listing displays in-depth information about the release date, most recent purchase data, and further details about the storage. Following this, WineChain transparently explains the source of the product, the region it was produced in as well as the characteristics, and number of bottles included with the NFT.

In addition to listing some of the rarest wines at reasonable prices, WineChain offers attractive benefits for wineries as well as customers. Wineries that work with the company are entitled to royalty payments when their bottles are sold on the marketplace and the quality of their craftsmanship is continuously protected through WineChains unique NFT proposition. When a customer purchases bottles, the winery provides a minted NFT that serves as a certificate of authenticity. This digital token gives the customer ownership of the wine with a guarantee it’s a high-quality item. Additionally, the NFT allows WineChain to keep customer bottles stored safely until they are ready to sell them on the marketplace or have them shipped to their most convenient location. WineChain believes this is very important for mitigating fraudulent wine sales and ensuring the experience is protected.

While WineChain is a recently established company, their founders and teams’ decades of expertise within wine and logistics differentiate them from competitors. In 2022, Marc Perrin, Guillaume Jourdan, Xavier Garambois, and Nicolas Mendiharat incorporated the company with the vision of making wine collecting more convenient and accessible.

All the founders have been wine lovers for decades and successful entrepreneurs, making them the perfect group of friends to found WineChain. The majority of them have extensive experience within the wine industry, with some working for the most notable wineries in France and others leading marketing and strategy for the world’s biggest businesses.

WineChain was designed to be a streamlined solution for wine collectors buying, sourcing, storing and selling rare wines. As the company and its offerings mature, the founders believe WineChain will forever transform wine collecting into a hassle-free and democratized experience.

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