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Phil Taylor Consulting celebrates 41 years of experience in reshaping the workforce in the country

Last updated Monday, September 18, 2023 11:57 ET

Phil Taylor, Founder of Phil Taylor Consulting, celebrates 41 years of expert company consulting in Italy.

Bologna, Italy, 09/18/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Taylor began his career in Italy after immigrating to the country from Yorkshire, England. Upon arriving he had little money and with the help of the Italian community, he found an opportunity to work with the people and help bring higher standards, productivity and innovation to the workforce in Italy. Currently, he works with the four leading brands of the Italian Motor Valley as well as many large and small companies across various industries.

His success can be accredited to the unique approach he uses when consulting with managers and C-suite executives. Rather than using traditional methods such as slideshow presentations and working with each individual department, Taylor has created a horizontal business structure that he helps instill into the companies he works with. This involves removing the barriers between different departments within a business and fostering collaboration between them which promotes innovation and increased productivity from the entire staff. To achieve a horizontal work scale, Taylor emphasizes combining soft skills with hard technical skills.

Taylor uses the terminology ‘horizontal’ to refer to an entire staff working at the same level towards one shared goal. Taylor works to inspire his clients to have a shared vision because of his time working with Professor Marco Biagi who gained notoriety after trying to reshape the workforce in Italy during a time of strict workforce regulations. During the 11 years Taylor spent working with Biagi the two of them shared a vision that giving employees time, space and encouragement will enable them to have the ability to share their ideas of creativity and produce them in the workplace.

Over the course of his career as a consultant Taylor has worked with companies in almost every industry in Italy. He takes passion in using his skills to work with every aspect of a company’s business model and metrics to produce innovative change in their workplace. The next milestone in Taylor’s journey is his work creating 3D holograms, which can be used in the workplace and in people’s daily lives. He says as many workforces utilize a vast scale of computers and digital electronics it has become imperative to move away from 2D computer screens which can be damaging to the brain over an extended period of time. He is currently involved in producing new hologram technology for a leading company in the Italian Motor Valley.

“I’m very honored to work in Italy and with the Italian people because working with them has allowed my career to take off and help people flourish,” says Taylor. “The Italian people are extremely hard workers and having been able to help companies of all types work to reach new heights and give their employees the framework to thrive together has been a hugely rewarding experience.”

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