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Five DST Looks To Reimagine Our Clock-Changing Habits

Last updated Tuesday, October 24, 2023 15:07 ET , Source: Five DST

FIVE DST evaluates DST & time-zone impact, locally and nationally.

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Five DST, an interactive map that allows users to view in real-time daylight saving time's impact on their home county, is poised to reimagine the way we approach our bi-annual resetting of the clocks.

As it stands today, more than 53 million Americans are impacted by an excessively long DST and lopsided time zones, leading to severe side effects in some regions. Five DST looks to repair this imbalance by creating a more effective system, as evidenced by its dynamic map features. Simply put, Five DST is the life-changing DST and time-zone solution that 53 million Americans have been waiting for.

Currently, the impact of changing the clocks is felt by most Americans. However, due to asymmetric US time zones, some portions of the nation more sharply feel the effects, placing them at greater risk of harm. Among the severe side effects of DST are an increased risk of cardiovascular issues and worsening of mood and mental health disorders.

Michael Rosbash, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine has observed, "More than 50% of all gene expression is under circadian control.” The circadian influence implies that sleep disturbances, like those created by DST, can have a lasting impact on how some illnesses express themselves. Research indicates that Americans living on the Western edge of a time zone received less sleep than those in the East, putting them at greater risk for damaging effects.

Today, many national leaders argue for permanent DST. However, Five DST proves that this approach is not the quick fix many have been led to believe. Instead, Five DST moves to shorten DSTs and encourage time zones to take a symmetric form.

These adjustments could have huge benefits for the 53 million Americans directly impacted by twin burdens: the currently long DST and lopsided time zones. Now, Five DST’s interactive map is here to demonstrate just how effective its approach can be.

When visiting Five DST, users can access an accurate view of their county's DST statistics rather than seeing just their region as a whole. This clearly shows how some counties are more heavily impacted than others. Next, they can view how their county would be adjusted in the system proposed by Five DST, allowing them to develop an informed opinion on whether or not this innovative approach could address their DST concerns.

To learn more about the science behind Five DST and to interact with the map yourself, visit their interactive website today.

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Similarly, Five DST’s interactive map can be embedded on your webpage, as shown at DSTmap.com

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