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SIPP Is Revolutionizing Water Safety Through Innovation and Technology

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The Team behind SIPP and their journey towards creating a world where every sip of water is a safe one.

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The United States faces a significant water quality issue due to Aging infrastructure, underfunded water providers, and ineffective government assistance. Aging pipes and pipe breaks pose a risk to the water supply, allowing harmful contaminants like lead to infiltrate the water. The annual occurrence of nearly 240,000 pipe breaks exacerbates the problem.

Water provider organizations are also struggling due to insufficient funding and staffing, leaving them unprepared to address these challenges. The reactive nature of water quality monitoring worsens the situation, as contaminants are typically detected through periodic sampling tests by third-party laboratories. This approach often results in consumers unknowingly consuming contaminated water for prolonged periods. The solution lies in comprehensive water treatment solutions at the point of use and a shift towards proactive real-time water quality monitoring.

This is where SIPP steps in as a transformative force. (SIPP) Safe Insightful Proactive Protection's mission is to make every sip of water a safe one. This innovative company brings a novel approach to the table, combining technology, data analytics, and an unwavering commitment to water quality. Apart from providing clean water, it's also about ensuring water quality at every level, making it safe for consumers to drink without doubt.

SIPP is powered by a team of individuals who are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and seasoned experts in their respective fields. Their journey began with a serendipitous encounter between an engineering student and two professors. This meeting set the wheels in motion for what would eventually become SIPP. The team consists of the following key members:

- Ben Bickerstaff: As Head of Business Development & Ops, Ben holds a Master's degree in civil environmental engineering. His career is marked by a focus on technology development and commercialization, making him an integral part of SIPP's mission to transform water safety.

- Mark Elliott, Ph.D.: Mark is SIPP's Lead Scientist and Treatment Engineer. His extensive expertise in water and wastewater treatment systems, combined with a passion for environmental preservation, propels SIPP's mission forward.

- Patrick Kung, Ph.D.: Patrick is the Lead Technical Engineer, with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, specializing in photonics. His role is pivotal in enhancing SIPP's UV technology and data-driven solutions.

- Peyton Falkenburg: Peyton serves as the Head of Fundraising and Business Strategy. His unique background as a finance graduate with engineering experience positions him as a key figure in determining scalable solutions.

- Noah Wallace: Noah, Lead Product Engineer and a software developer, is instrumental in developing the apps that connects SIPP to the smart home system. His role is vital in bringing software and data collection to the forefront of SIPP's strategy.

The team's journey has been marked by challenges and obstacles, from fundraising in the tumultuous year of 2020 to refining product designs and pursuing patents. Their commitment and perseverance have culminated in an innovative water treatment solution that tackles real-world problems.

SIPP is a tech company that uses a smart home device to treat water and track water quality data. The data is used to insure users maintain their device and show them the true safety levels of their water. The treatment technology treats tap water via filtration and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Attaching the gadget to the water inlet pipe beneath the sink allows it to begin treating water as soon as the sink is switched on.

SIPP’s vision is a world where communities can make informed decisions and trust in the quality of their water. In time the company will expand its product range to help more people take proactive steps, ensuring clean water, regardless of location or infrastructure.

Achieving this vision is not going to be easy. With tangible challenges including the cost of infrastructure replacement and the large number of people affected by water contamination. Intangible challenges include building trust in water infrastructure, especially in developed nations like the United States, where 90% of the population relies on 10% of utilities.

The company aims to keep its head above water in this effort by using technology to provide real-time data and transparency to its user base. By leveraging innovation, technology, and a commitment to water quality, SIPP is leading the charge in addressing the crisis and making safe drinking water a necessity for all.

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