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Dreamland Safari Tours: Nurturing adventurers’ community spirit through unforgettable backpacking trips

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Dreamland Safari Tours is on a mission to foster the spirit of community among adventurers through unforgettable backpacking trips in Southwest Utah.

Kanab, Utah, 11/02/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Dreamland Safari Tours continues to provide unforgettable experiences through adventure trips in the picturesque landscape of Kanab, Utah, dubbed America's best small desert town by top travel media brand Travel + Leisure. It is committed to ensuring that guests leave with not only long-lasting memories and photographs of breathtaking views but also a sense of belongingness with fellow adventurers.

The premier area tour company is well-known for its day outdoor adventures and overnight camping tours in popular destinations like the Paria Canyon Wilderness, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Grand Canyon, and White Pocket, as well as in lesser-known (but just as majestic) areas between Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce. Backpacking trips like the Paria Canyon and Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim are also highly sought-after, further illustrating Dreamland Safari Tours’ estimable reputation as one of the best tour companies in Southwest Utah.

Dreamland Safari Tours recently launched its new lineup of backpacking trips, and adventurers on a hunt to tick off items in their bucket list destinations are in for the ultimate journey of their lives. First-time and experienced backpackers are welcome to immerse themselves in Earth's natural beauty. Imagine going through vast desert vistas, enchanting water crossings, and jaw-dropping canyons and finding yourself in the middle of an opulent oasis you might have heard of only in fairytales, with towering sandstone cliffs protecting you from the noise of the city and the mind, allowing you to breathe in the quiet and solitude your soul so deeply craves. This fantastic experience is what Dreamland Safari Tours promises in its backpacking trip to Coyote Gulch, a hidden gem in Grand Staircase Escalante, which lies at the heart of the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah.

Before and after the backpacking trip, the adventurers are invited to team welcome and closing dinners where they can look forward to meeting other backpackers to share their love and passion for the craft. Paul Gagner, the company's co-owner, shared, “We're all about creating a community with the guests. And what I mean by that is on trips like this, you go with a bunch of people you’ve probably never met before. How our backpacking trips are structured is that before and after everyone gets off the trail, we would all go for dinner at the hotel to learn about each other and develop camaraderie, making the overall experience more wholesome for everyone.”

“The ‘welcome’ meeting and dinner allayed all my concerns (I'm an introvert), the guides were amazing in ensuring we were all comfortable with them and with each other - our gear check further solidified the comradery as we shared experiences and suggestions on packing our backpacks. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive, I felt so comfortable!” Said one satisfied guest Lori Myers, after a recent Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim tour. Comments such as these are far from rare. A simple check of the company's reviews show the sheer number of satisfied guests that come through the doors on a daily basis.

Aside from being a tool for personal growth and self-discovery, backpacking brings a challenging and rewarding opportunity to meet new people and form lasting bonds through shared experiences that elicit joy and unforgettable memories. Dreamland Safari Tours’ commitment to nurturing the spirit of community among backpackers, whether veterans or beginners, showcases the beauty of backpacking as a social activity. This holistic approach makes the leading tour company stand out, underscoring its worth as Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice awardee.

Ultimately, Dreamland Safari Tours provides the best bucket list experience, combining immersion in nature's beauty and a profound sense of community. It is also worth noting that the premier tour company further elevates adventurers' overall experience by providing only top-rated naturalist guides who have extensive knowledge of the natural terrain and immense passion for helping guests perceive and understand the landscape in a more meaningful way.

Paul proudly stated, "Our naturalist guides are not only experts in their respective fields, whether it is being a professional athlete or medical technician, but also when it comes to the communities, plants, animals, and history of each area. In Dreamland Safari Tours, we believe that education leads to understanding and protection.” Sandee, a Dreamland Safari Tours guest, confirmed in a review, "[I] went on the Coyote Buttes South tour with Orion as our guide, and [it] was fantastic! Orion is a terrific guide and knows so much about geology, trees, [and] the general area, and provided us with many stories and recommendations. The tour is so beautiful, with [a] wow factor around every corner. Dreamland is a great company whose focus is on safety, stewardship, respecting the land/environment, and education."

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