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Fine Meat and Cheese Purveyor Laxson Provisions to Beef Up Nationwide Partnership Network

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Laxson Provisions is searching for partners in three main business areas: food service, retail, and co-manufacturing. Partners will benefit from Laxson’s extensive history and industry credentials.

San Antonio, Texas, 11/02/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Laxson Provisions, a Texas-based fine meat and cheese purveyor with an 88-year history, has announced that it is looking to broaden its nationwide partnership network on multiple complementary fronts of the culinary industry.

Laxson Provisions traces its history back to 1935, when brothers Dan Laxson and H. N. Laxson sold hams, bacon, and sausages from a refrigerated truck in the San Antonio region. Over the years, the Laxson family built up the business, expanding into new categories in the meat segment. Today, the company specializes in deli and barbecue meats, as well as Tex-Mex recipes handed down over the generations.

Staying true to its roots as a family-owned business, Laxson Provisions produces its meats in small, artisan batches to ensure genuine flavor and excellent attention to quality. It looks to fill the growing demand for Mexican and Tex-Mex food across the US, with its authentic Mexican meat dishes, including slow-cooked Barbacoa, made from 100% cheek meat, and beef and pork chorizo varieties using the highest quality spices and seasonings without any additives or fillers.

According to Laxson Provisions CEO Mandy Craig, the company’s expansion and partnership growth strategy has three branches, first of which is the food service industry. Laxson Provisions works with all major national food service distributors, as well as several large Texas-based firms. This makes it well-positioned to take on more restaurant clients, who can simply ask their food service distributor for Laxson’s SKUs and rapidly incorporate the products into their menus.

The second branch is the retail segment, encompassing all sizes of retailers, from independent markets, to regional chains, to national giants. One of Laxson’s strongest retail relationships is with one of the most popular Texan supermarket chains. It is also targeting new partnerships with co-op retailers, which often cater to a higher-end clientele.

The third branch is co-manufacturing and co-packing business, where Laxson Provisions can partner with a company to manufacture their products and bring them to market. Partners in this space will benefit from Laxson’s long history and deep connections in the meat manufacturing industry. It is able to produce raw meat products, smoked sausages, and ready-to-eat items. Clients can choose either to use their own recipes or private label Laxson’s recipes under their brand.

When it comes to working with partners, Laxson Provisions has a USDA Grant of Inspection, which requires rigorous safety and regulatory compliance. This ensures Laxson’s facilities meet the government’s food safety standards and enable it to sell meat across state lines, allowing easier distribution of goods across the US.

According to Craig, Laxson Provisions’ expansion will naturally target the Southern and Southwestern United States where there is a large Hispanic population, such as California, Arizona, and Georgia. However, the growing interest in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine all over the US means that expansion opportunities are not particularly constrained by geography. The company is welcoming partners from across the country and is looking forward to building strong, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses of all sizes.

“Laxson Provisions brings a long and storied heritage in foods that have come to define this part of the country, and that authenticity is hard to replicate,” Craig says. “We also promise excellent service to our partners. Some of the larger meat companies in Texas may not pay attention to partners that they consider too small for them. However, there are no opportunities that are too small for us. We take care of the large restaurant chains and the small, independent diners in the same way. We are a family-owned business and an integral part of our mission is to support other family-owned businesses.”

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