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Redefining excellence: Samudio Consulting’s transformation to Sommeta marks a new era in HCM technology solutions

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Samudio Consulting has rebranded to Sommeta, signifying a new era for the leading consulting firm as it expands into the art market.

Carmel, Indiana, 11/03/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Samudio Consulting, an independent firm specializing in human capital management (HCM) technology solutions based in Indiana, United States, has recently rebranded to Sommeta as the business extends its ventures into the art market. Sommeta is an ever-growing consulting agency that provides clients support to enhance their existing teams' productivity, ensuring successful project implementations within budget.

The rebranding of Samudio Consulting to Sommeta highlights the company’s notable legacy. Founded in 2016, the leading consulting firm is the fruit of Idania Samudio’s commitment to establishing a results-driven company that delivers effective, efficient, and excellent outcomes powered by creativity, diligence, and passion. Samudio, the CEO and principal consultant at Sommeta, with her extensive experience in operations and system implementation in human resources (HR), payroll, and information technology (IT) for over a decade, has witnessed the persisting issues within the industry firsthand.

The global project manager noticed gaps between what implementers provide for their clients and the latter's needs and wants. Samudio, determined to fill these gaps, established Samudio Consulting, now Sommeta, in 2016. The CEO remarked, "Implementers tend to brush over the nuances of the operational side and how it would fit with their clients' system. They would look at the system and carry out what they believe would work, and presumably, these things might have worked for their previous clients, which they assume would also work for everyone else. But each client has specific needs, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. That's where we come in."

Essentially, when integrators implement a system that does not accommodate the client's precise needs, the client is forced to reconfigure, develop in-house tools, or hire more consultants to build workarounds, leading to astronomical costs. Sommeta aims to address this issue by supporting clientele from the ground up, ensuring that they go through a seamless implementation process and acquire a tool that will remain usable even after the implementation. "I realized that integrators and operators speak two different languages. I happen to speak both, allowing me to see the roots of the problems, so our role is to be the go-between, the peacemaker if you will," the CEO added.

Sommeta provides support and guidance throughout the different phases of the client's emerging human capital management technology projects. It offers HCM consulting services, system utilization and process review, acquisition, spin-off, and merger support, and human resources information system (HRIS) and technology support. In addition, Sommeta provides implementation support, project and change management, staff training, and Workday hypercare.

Aside from providing professional services, the project management and consulting firm is set to develop new educational products and tools to revolutionize system implementations. This innovative step, combined with the company's expansion to the art sector, positions Sommeta at the forefront of consulting project management.

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