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Be Better's Extensive Course, Go With The Flow, Empowers Female Athletes During Their Hormone Cycle

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Go With The Flow is a 16-week course for female athletes to learn and understand their hormone cycle and the ways nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle choices can empower them through the month.

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Athletes understand the value of optimizing their performance, maintaining peak physical condition, and reaching their full potential. Being a successful athlete requires a great deal of effort and commitment. However, one issue that is often overlooked is the influence of a woman’s fluctuating hormones every month and how that affects the way she feels, trains and competes. Founder of Be Better Life, Wendy Jones, recognized this issue and teamed up with former collegiate and current professional beach volleyball player Kahlee York to create the "Go With The Flow" course, a 16-week journey aimed at female athletes and anyone looking to optimize their performance based on the female hormone cycle.

Ashley Clark, a Be Better producer and coach, is spearheading this transformative course. With her background in sports and education, she has come up with a comprehensive approach throughout the Go With The Flow course to promote greater self awareness that leads to higher performance and better relationships in sports and life. Ashley aims to help both young women and athletes, as well as other coaches, understand how to empower their athletes to reach their full potential by aligning their diet, energy levels, activities, and lifestyle decisions with their body's hormone changes.

Ashley shares her vision for the course, saying, "Our goal is to help women and athletes harness the power of their monthly hormone cycles and achieve consistent excellence in all aspects of their lives. It's about understanding and embracing the changes that happen within us."

The hormone cycle is more than just a few days. It's a month-long process that includes four different phases: the menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase, and the luteal phase. In "Go with The Flow," you'll learn about these four phases and how they relate to the changing seasons. Just like nature changes with the weather, your body experiences change in a monthly cycle. Understanding the phases of each cycle and how they impact your mind and body every month helps you make better lifestyle choices to optimize performance and honor the power of being a woman.

This course dives deep into the details of each phase, giving you personalized self-care activities to fit your needs. For example, during the 'luteal' phase, a woman’s body is making its biggest transition from having the most energy during the ovulation phase, to a more restful and restorative energy level. But during 'follicular', you'll have a sense of new and increased energy that will promote creativity and productivity throughout the day.

Understanding the hormone cycle is not only beneficial for individual well-being but also for communication and teamwork. When women understand their cycles, it not only benefits their personal lives but leads to a healthier environment in the workplace, better team culture, improved relationships and greater life satisfaction.

The power of cycle syncing is at the heart of this course. It's a transformative journey where participants will master the art of aligning nutrition, energy, and activities with their body's hormonal patterns. This synchronization profoundly impacts performance, well-being, and emotional balance.

Ashley Clark encourages participants, saying, "By working together, women can enhance their performance, avoid injuries, and strengthen their connections with others."

The "Go With The Flow" course offers self-paced and team-paced training, focusing on self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, holistic well-being, and cycle syncing. Self-paced training is designed for the self-motivated athlete and provides them with full autonomy over their journey. Team-paced training works with Be Better coaches and includes monthly virtual check-ins to ensure everyone progresses, fostering a sense of community and shared growth. Participants adapt their nutrition and activities to their hormone cycle, boosting self-awareness of changing hormonal patterns, emotions and energy levels.

This 16-week course focuses on optimizing athletic performance and overall well-being by aligning activities, nutrition, and exercise with your hormone cycle. It includes daily hormone tracking, check-ins, weekly discussions, action steps, cooking skills, and lessons that allow an athlete to develop holistic well-being, and sustainable habits. The course also includes recipes tailored to your hormone cycle's needs. Additionally, the course offers six videos detailing the four seasons of your cycle, promoting harmony with the changes in each phase and integrating emotional, mental, and physical health strategies. The long-lasting benefits include consistent energy, improved focus, better relationships, enhanced performance, and a greater sense of self awareness and empowerment.

Ashley Clark reflects on her own experiences and the importance of understanding the cycle, saying, "As an emotional PMSer, I’ve been there and I know the feeling of the ups and downs. When I started to understand how my hormones and energy levels were affected by my cycle, my life and my relationships changed for the better. I wish I would have known this in college, or at the very least earlier in my adult life."

The "Go With The Flow" course isn't just about managing PMS symptoms; it's a holistic approach to understanding the female hormone cycle throughout the month and optimizing performance through a new understanding of yourself. It's particularly relevant for young women who may have gone most of their lives without truly understanding the power of their own body. This course promises to be a game-changer for many.

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