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Hong Kong FinTech Week: VERTU CSO Sophie Explores the Next Wave of Web3.0 - Mobile Virtual Currency and Mobile Payments

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Hong Kong FinTech Week: VERTU CSO Sophie Explores the Next Wave of Web3.0 - Mobile Virtual Currency and Mobile Payments

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The Hong Kong FinTech Week officially kicked off, marking its eighth edition as a premier annual event in the financial technology sector. With hundreds of FinTech professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders participating in person, the online audience exceeded 100,000.

At a roundtable discussion during FinTech Week, Sophie, Chief Strategic Officer of VERTU, joined forces with Kun International Founder and CEO Jialiang Liu, FOMO Co-founder and CEO Louis Liu, and a senior advisor from the Cryptocurrency Innovation Organization to delve into the future interconnection of digital currencies in Web2 and Web3.

The industry leaders asserted that with the advent of Web3 phones, mobile virtual currency payments will become the next trend. They anticipate a surge in people participating in the crypto world through virtual currency payments. Simultaneously, the continuous news of digital currency theft remains a concern. The quartet unanimously emphasized the importance of hardware security to ensure the convenience and safety of virtual currency payments, akin to current methods like WeChat Pay.

Sophie from VERTU remarked, "Many companies abroad have already announced their acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. As a Web3 enthusiast and a mobile phone manufacturer, VERTU is consistently updating its hardware and software to secure phone information and digital assets, contributing to the advancement of mobile virtual currency payments."

On November 1, VERTU held a product launch event in Hong Kong, unveiling the world's first dual-mode AI phone, METAVERTU2. The AI phone provided a comprehensive solution on how to create a mobile wallet, addressing both hardware and software aspects. METAVERTU2 introduced METASPACE, featuring a one-device-three-system design that not only achieves isolation between Web2 and Web3 systems but also adds a ghost system for storing private information. This ghost system can be unlocked with different fingerprints, offering a personalized and secure mobile experience. Additionally, VERTU implemented a bank-grade security chip based on TEE+SE, encrypting phone information. The offline application, KEYBOX, further ensures users' information and assets remain unharmed, providing a secure and tamper-proof digital life.

With these features, METAVERTU2 can serve as a "hot wallet," replacing hot wallets for everyday virtual currency usage. High-value virtual currencies can be stored in a cold wallet for added security. This dual approach ensures both the security of a cold wallet and the convenience of a hot wallet.

As a pioneer in Web3 phones, VERTU will play a vital role in the future development of mobile virtual currency payments. The decentralized nature of Web 3.0 promises a more secure and transparent payment environment, with blockchain technology offering traceable transaction records and digital identity authentication enhancing user trust. While anticipating continuous growth and prosperity in this field, the challenges of new regulations and privacy concerns brought by Web 3.0 are acknowledged. VERTU, like other third-party payment companies, remains committed to breaking new ground and fostering innovation in the evolving landscape.

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