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Juliana Kathman is on her way to transforming people’s lives one less clutter at a time with upcoming mini-course

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Juliana Kathman, founder of Organized by Juliana, is set to launch 'Peaceful & Productive Home,' a mini-course for people wishing to form organization habits to live more productive lives.

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An ongoing trend of organizing and decluttering has taken the world by storm over the past few years, especially when 'cleanfluencers' started seizing the space of different social media platforms with cleaning and tidying content. Everyone has been talking about achieving the home of their dreams by organizing and decluttering. However, doing the deed is a different conversation entirely.

Juliana Kathman, certified productive environment specialist™ , founder of Organized by Juliana

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Juliana Kathman, a certified productive environment specialist™ from North Carolina, understands the struggle of keeping up a busy life, whether as a mom, a wife, or a working woman. While finding the best way to balance her responsibilities and obligations, Juliana has honed organization skills that helped her carry out her work without sacrificing her health and time for self-care. She then founded Organized by Juliana, offering office and home solutions through a set of systems created to increase productivity. Juliana is on her way to helping people live productive, clutter-free, stress-free, and more fulfilling lives.

The superwoman intends to share her vast knowledge and skills in space transformation with everyone who wishes to accomplish their work and, at the same time, enjoy their lives. "Organizing is not a do-once-and-done process. It's a learned routine, so developing a habit is important," Juliana emphasizes. With this train of thought, the home transformation expert developed a free mini-course called 'Peaceful & Productive Home', set to launch in November 2023 on the Productive Environment Network platform™. The mini-course consists of seven stages, each comprising effective ways for people to have a peaceful and productive home, from storing essentials in a prime space and tossing expired products to creating a home command center.

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no set period of how long it takes to form a new habit. Therefore, Juliana developed a mini-course that will help working moms complete one stage in a day in a span of one week. To ensure that clients feel less overwhelmed yet accountable in managing their time, the virtual coach designed 'Peaceful & Productive Home’ in a way that the next step cannot be unlocked until they complete the stage prior. They could go back to the first lesson and repeat the whole process daily for 21, 30, or however many days they need until they form a habit at their own pace.

When asked what motivated her to develop the mini-course, Juliana answered, “It's easy to fall into the trap of clutter blindness, and we know how this phenomenon can lead to cluttered homes and ultimately, stressful lives. The same goes for mental clutter and digital clutter. But I also know that we can't change things overnight. It might take several weeks, even months. Still, we need to keep up with a routine while balancing everything that's on our plates. That's why scheduling and forming a habit is important."

Juliana continues to show her commitment to implementing ‘organizing systems’ that will help people embrace peace and joy in their spaces. In December 2023, she is set to launch an e-book about efficient organizing and decluttering processes that will help individuals focus more on the things that matter most to them. In addition, a three-month transformation/master class is also in the works, to be introduced sometime after the launch of the 'Peaceful & Productive Home' mini-course.

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