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VISUALIZEin360:Radical Technology to Bridge the Gaps in Health & Wellness Through Transformative Virtual Reality Program

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VISUALIZEin360 is seeking to transform the wellness landscape with a innovative virtual reality program that can help users non-invasively biohack the way that they think and feel.

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Anxiety is the number one mental health problem affecting people in North America today, with around 40 million adults in the US dealing with an anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, mental health providers have been unable to meet the huge increase in demand for services, and this has resulted in huge burnout rates among providers.

Stress and anxiety are intricately linked to various mental, emotional, and physical health disorders, with an estimated 825 million doctor visits in the US yearly that are stress-related, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Helping address this problem is VISUALIZEin360, a next-generation health and wellness company that uses disruptive innovations, such as virtual reality and other technologies, to bridge the gaps between the behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and peak performance fields. VISUALIZEin360 uses community-driven, science-based methods that blend neuroscience, physiology, biology, and health psychology with new discoveries in quantum mechanics, energy healing, and altered states of consciousness.

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VISUALIZEin360 was co-founded by a team of a mother and her two daughters. Chief Scientific Officer Susan Santarpia, PhD is a board certified neuropsychologist with more than 25 years’ experience, specializing in neurofeedback and conflict resolution therapy. Her daughters are CEO Tessa Santarpia, a Columbia Grad and certified mindfulness-based stress reductionist and performance improvement trainer, and VP of Engineering Nina Santarpia, a global sustainable energy engineer prioritising the development of ethical and sustainable products that benifits end users and their environments. The company has a robust team of experts, including cognitive neuroscientists and psychological health researchers.

Since its foundation in 2019, VISUALIZEin360 has been developing its first product, which is a transformative virtual reality program that can help users non-invasively biohack the way that they think and feel at any moment. It is designed to elevate mood, outlook, and overall wellbeing through interactive user-driven experiences that allow them to implement these cognitive-enhancing strategies in real time. According to Tessa, the VR program is able to connect the user to a future state of mind that doesn’t otherwise feel accessible, naturally increasing their motivation to achieve their goals.

By placing the user in a virtual world, they are able to better understand how their brain and body works. In that sense, the virtual world is designed to keep them safe but not limit them. In this environment, by changing the internal state, users recognise how they influence the world around them, allowing a new perspective that puts them on the forefront of their transformative journey.

One of the programs available on VISUALIZEin360’s training platform is Series X, a four-week program of 30-minute sessions once a week for four weeks. The program seeks to help users identify maladaptive thought patterns and disrupts the reactions and impulses ingrained due to these thought patterns. Once this is accomplished, it will help the user create a new blueprint for desired future conditions and reinforce this blueprint to ensure it is followed even when confronted with stress, challenges, or adversity.

VISUALIZEin360 is seeking investment to continue development of its transformative VR offering, which is designed to seamlessly integrate with the behavioral therapy, mindfulness and peak performance fields. Tessa says that the program’s groundwork has been laid and the 2D perspective has been validated but the team is seeking to translate this novel program to a virtual reality platform and extend their reach to more individuals than ever before.

“Looking forward, we want to scale our technology to supplement every type of wellbeing or peak performance platform that exists,” Tessa says. “We believe that cultivating a positive, consistent, resilient mindset is critical to success, regardless if you want to advance your career, elevate your athletic performance, or improve your relationships. Building and sustaining mental toughness improves confidence, drives motivation, and better prepares you to navigate stress and adversity. With greater awareness of mental health coming into the mainstream, we believe tools like this will improve well-being by creating daily habits that are as necessary as exercise and healthy eating.”

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