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CharityHowTo Unique Ecosystem of Brands Offers Nonprofit Professional Access to Incredible Services and Resources

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The CharityHowTo ecosystem of brands provides nonprofit professionals with exceptional resources to help their nonprofit make a bigger impact and save money.

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Most small, medium, and even large nonprofit organizations in the United States have to face the pressing issue of limited resources and financial constraints. These constraints hamper their ability to gain access to the tools and resources needed to maximize their influence while remaining financially responsible and the impact they can have.

Based in Florida, CharityHowTo has strived to educate and strengthen the leadership of nonprofit organizations all around the world since 2008. The CharityHowTo ecosystem of brands provides nonprofit professionals with exceptional resources to help their nonprofit make a bigger impact and save money. Through the ecosystem of companies, CharityHowTo, Nonprofit Library Nonprofit Apps and Nonprofit Discounts, nonprofit professionals can learn, see live software and product demonstrations, learn about nonprofit technology, and save money on software and product purchases. These holistic services are designed to educate, inform, and provide nonprofit organizations with the information and tools they require to grow.

CharityHowTo, a premier online learning center for nonprofit professionals, is the premier provider of live and on-demand professional development resources. This comprehensive resource equips nonprofit professionals with knowledge spanning fundraising, marketing, grant writing, and various other facets of nonprofit operations. The company's purpose is to provide the finest quality and greatest value remote nonprofit professional development education and training available anywhere in the world.

Nonprofit Library is a demo platform for nonprofit professionals to gain access to both live and on demand sales and product demonstrations facilitated by software and service companies without the inconvenience of being added to sales and marketing lists. When you register with NonprofitLibrary, your information is not shared with the sponsor unless you love what you learn and choose to opt-in. This resource empowers nonprofit professionals to evaluate how specific technological solutions and other services can enhance their operational efficiency.

Kurt Steiner, founder and CEO, says, “Nonprofit professionals can solve their curiosity about software and services to help avoid being bombarded with sales and marketing emails, which can be overwhelming and often lead to poor investment decisions. NonprofitLibrary and NonprofitApps of the CharityHowTo brands fills this void by allowing nonprofits the chance to understand the products and services before making any commitments.” This service creates an avenue for viewers so they can explore product and service features and their capabilities stress free. “Also, when a nonprofit receives an invitation from NonprofitLibrary to view a product demonstration, it has been vetted by the team to ensure nonprofits can be confident that these opportunities have the potential to genuinely benefit their cause,” he adds.

Nonprofit Apps focuses exclusively on all things technology for nonprofits unlike many other resources that cover technology more broadly. The platform serves as a valuable resource for nonprofit professionals, offering insights into software, apps and technology. The platform features software reviews provided directly by both independent reviewers and the companies themselves.

Nonprofit Discounts operates with the main objective of extending discounts, exclusive offers, and in some cases even completely free software solutions to nonprofit professionals. At Nonprofit Discounts, nonprofits can access free grant management software and donor management software. Many of these special offers are exclusive to this platform and are unavailable through any other channel.

This ecosystem is meticulously designed to provide maximum value to nonprofit professionals especially when they need it. For example, a nonprofit professional may be reading an article about donor software at Nonprofit Apps, in this article they will have the opportunity to learn about a special exclusive nonprofit discount at Nonprofit Discounts as well as click a button to watch a streaming product demonstration about the nonprofit donor database software.

As an example, nonprofit professionals attending a live educational training webinar will be presented by the highest quality topic expert on online fundraising. During that live training webinar nonprofit professionals can also learn about software, platforms and exclusive discounts specifically related to online fundraising that they would’ve otherwise not known about.

The overall goal of this ecosystem is to empower nonprofit professionals with knowledge, tools, and cost-saving opportunities, ultimately helping them enhance their organization's impact and effectiveness. Nonprofits and charities often have limited budgets, so such resources and services can be particularly valuable in helping them achieve their missions more efficiently, and benefit their operations.

The collective effort of these brands and its ecosystem is committed to delivering top-tier education and information to nonprofit professionals while relentlessly advocating for the most favorable pricing and discounts on behalf of nonprofit organizations and charities around the world.

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