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From the stands to the screens: How County Sports Zone is redefining high school sports coverage

Last updated Friday, November 10, 2023 10:33 ET

County Sports Zone (CSZ) redefines high school sports coverage in Maryland, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure every high school sports moment receives the attention it deserves.

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County Sports Zone (CSZ) is emerging as a powerhouse in the world of high school sports, utilizing innovative technology to inject fresh energy into the high school sports ecosystem. Based in Maryland, CSZ boasts complete high school sports coverage at every level, covering approximately 40,000 games annually for over 3,000 teams across nearly 300 schools in all 23 Maryland counties. County Sports Zone is now planning to expand nationally as the CSZ Network.

One of the CSZ Network’s revolutionary features is its patent-pending technology, enabling direct reporting of scores from coaches at the end of each game as well as incorporating fan-sourced scores. This approach not only ensures accuracy but also engages the community as fans turn into active contributors. With this, the disruptive platform commits to delivering complete schedules, scores, standings, and news to ensure that every thrilling moment and every hard-fought victory becomes a memorable experience for fans. The CSZ Network’s website, mobile app, and social media channels have already become hubs for high school sports enthusiasts around Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region.

With the aim of creating an immersive experience for high school sports fans, the CSZ Network is breaking new ground in gamified community creation with its introduction of Spirit Points. For Fall 2023 sports, the CSZ Network debuted pick 'em games powered by AngelFire Games, where users can play against one another and create contests based on local prep sports games. In partnership with AngelFire Games, the CSZ Network is rolling out additional gaming options in the coming athletic seasons. Fans will also be able to earn Spirit Points for contributions of content and scores to the network.

CEO Sam Hopkins passionately articulates the CSZ mission, recognizing the decline in local news coverage, especially within the realm of high school athletics. He emphasizes, "Our primary objective is to provide schools, coaches, students, parents, and every high school sports lover with a valuable resource that brings them every score from every game."

The CSZ Network is making its mark as a solution to unreliable and uneven coverage, with a focus on going beyond marquee sports and varsity teams. The CSZ Network bridges the information gap, ensuring that every game, from freshman to varsity matches, receives the attention it deserves. The CEO emphasized the company's commitment to community responsibility, stating, "Our mission is to actively contribute to the community by fostering engagement, connecting audiences, and enhancing the experience of high school sports fans, whether they're cheering from the stands or following the action from the comfort of their homes or devices."

As the platform capitalizes on the trends of hyperlocal information sharing, community cultivation, and the rich landscape of sports data, it has attracted a network of partners. These partnerships span across various media and sports enterprises, facilitating direct ad sales and technology development. Heading into 2024, the CSZ Network is positioned as a hub between sports enthusiasts, high schools, and a range of public and private stakeholders that want to reach high school sports fans. The CSZ Network is currently raising an investment round to power its expansion across the United States.

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