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Georgia Investment Property Prices Revealed: Airdeed Homes' Latest Research Study Unveils City Averages and Medians

Last updated Monday, November 13, 2023 13:44 ET , Source: Airdeed Homes

Airdeed Homes, a prominent real estate search engine, has released a comprehensive research study on investment property prices in key Georgia cities including Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah.

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Airdeed Homes, a premier name in real estate search engines, is thrilled to present a detailed real estate investing research study showcasing average and median investment property prices across key cities in Georgia. This study, conducted on November 11, 2023, offers crucial insights for potential investors keen on understanding the diverse real estate market in the state.

The research, relying on data meticulously gathered by Airdeed Homes, includes notable cities such as Acworth, Albany, Americus, Athens, Atlanta, Austell, Brunswick, Canton, Cartersville, Columbus, Conyers, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Decatur, East Point, Ellijay, Fayetteville, Forest Park, Gainesville, Griffin, Hampton, Hinesville, Jonesboro, Lawrenceville, Lithonia, Macon, Marietta, McDonough, Milledgeville, Monroe, Riverdale, Rome, Savannah, Statesboro, Stone Mountain, Valdosta, and Warner Robins.

Key findings from the research study highlight substantial variations in both average and median listing prices across these diverse Georgia cities. Cities like Ellijay and Fayetteville lead with higher average listing prices at $2,191,666.67 and $1,843,737.50, respectively, while Atlanta investment property for sale stands in the middle of the list at an average listing price at $447,596.72.

In terms of median listing prices, popular hotspot Savannah came in with a median price of $499,450.00, closely followed by Canton at $432,450.00. Interestingly,  Athens presents a great investment opportunity with a median listing price at $279,990.00.

City Average Price Median Price
Acworth $792,006.67 $529,000.00
Albany $121,732.14 $89,900.00
Americus $191,100.00 $225,000.00
Athens $829,705.19 $279,990.00
Atlanta $447,596.72 $370,000.00
Austell $365,833.33 $355,000.00
Brunswick $577,140.00 $397,000.00
Canton $707,712.50 $432,450.00
Cartersville $941,333.33 $878,500.00
Columbus $216,642.86 $195,000.00
Conyers $333,536.27 $315,000.00
Dahlonega $704,000.00 $512,500.00
Dawsonville $567,600.00 $225,000.00
Decatur $301,454.36 $205,000.00
East Point $317,650.00 $319,250.00
Ellijay $2,191,666.67 $2,100,000.00
Fayetteville $1,843,737.50 $1,425,000.00
Forest Park $304,966.50 $302,450.00
Gainesville $553,460.00 $317,450.00
Griffin $266,081.82 $175,000.00
Hampton $565,000.00 $250,000.00
Hinesville $380,035.43 $209,998.00
Jonesboro $263,633.33 $249,000.00
Lawrenceville $290,875.00 $291,000.00
Lithonia $325,842.86 $318,000.00
Macon $156,959.62 $135,000.00
Marietta $391,666.67 $350,000.00
Mcdonough $617,968.86 $1,300,000.00
Milledgeville $635,333.33 $175,000.00
Monroe $154,560.00 $154,560.00
Riverdale $665,966.67 $369,950.00
Rome $413,487.50 $172,000.00
Savannah $760,009.09 $499,450.00
Statesboro $227,930.00 $189,900.00
Stone Mountain $239,428.57 $260,000.00
Valdosta $878,490.00 $847,500.00
Warner Robins $200,037.50 $179,900.00

While the research provides valuable insights into Georgia's real estate investing market, Airdeed Homes acknowledges certain limitations, including the exclusive use of data from its listings and the absence of information from other reputable sources. Additionally, the data represents a specific point in time and may not fully capture subsequent market fluctuations.

This comprehensive research by Airdeed Homes serves as a valuable resource for those navigating Georgia's investment real estate landscape, providing a reliable starting point for individuals exploring investment opportunities in the state.

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