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Serial Entrepreneur Benjamin Johnson Explains The Four Pillars He Uses To Balance His Priorities and Stay Fulfilled

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Everyone struggles to find fulfillment. However, Benjamin Johnson, a serial entrepreneur believes that the four-pillar system is foundational to cultivating a happy and balanced life.

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No matter how successful someone is on paper, the majority of people don’t feel fulfilled with their lives. Social media has woven itself into our lives, allowing us to connect with global audiences and follow influential people. This has resulted in positive and negative consequences. Some individuals have found meaning in digital content, leading them to follow their dreams more authentically.

However, many people struggle with comparing themselves to others. They may not care about flashy things but find themselves spending more time looking in the mirror or buying expensive items. A culture of comparison never leads to true happiness and fulfillment because you’re building your life around what you think will impress others. Once you begin to focus on the unique hobbies and activities that make you happy, your life will become much better. It can also be tremendously improved with the introduction of the four-pillar methodology.

Benjamin Johnson, a serial entrepreneur and software consultant found this out the hard way. After unlocking success in the business world, he felt proud of himself. However, in the wake of each victory, he was left feeling empty. Benjamin always felt he needed to achieve something else, leaving him in a constant state of dissatisfaction. This feeling continued, even if Benjamin fought against it. It wasn’t until he participated in a training program that he learned what his life was missing.

Benjamin Johnson, Founder and CEO of Particle 41

As a Christian man, Benjamin attended a faith-centered mentorship program that spoke about creating four pillars in your life. Faith, family, fitness, and finance represent different categories for your attention and your goals. By splitting your attention into distinct pathways, you build stronger routines for supporting the excellence of each group. Additionally, you look forward to future goals you hope to reach rather than feeling overwhelmed with what you haven’t achieved.

Each pillar involves different tasks and goals that are specific to a person. The entire system is constructed to drive success as a horizon, not a destination. Incorporating a growth mindset into this system is essential for ensuring that goal-setting and routines lead to improved well-being and mental health. When we view success as a destination, we aim for perfection, which is impossible. We also associate success with a one-time achievement, when we should all be living a life full of different-sized victories

Benjamin felt specifically called to the four-pillar system because of the group of men involved. The people he went through the program with had a desire to sustain high performance in all areas of their lives. This is something Benjamin says is difficult to find as most people are overly fixated on one area of their lives. He’s seen this in entrepreneurs who glorify hustle or grind culture, at the expense of their health or family relationships.

To establish balance in his life with the four-pillar system Benjamin has taken to habit tracking and finding accountability partners. The things you track improve over time as your focus on them increases. For Benjamin, this meant improved routines that contributed to his overall physical and mental well-being. Since implementing the four-pillar method, he has also become more mindful. Instead of being distracted, Benjamin can keep a consistent habit of resting and working. This leads to an increase in innovation and enjoyment in his personal and professional life.

“Utilizing the four-pillar mindset in my life has prepared me to adapt to any challenge in my life. I’ve learned how to unpack the limiting beliefs I had about myself and I’ve also become more intentional with how I spend my time. I have built a stronger connection with my faith, improved my health, been more proactive with my finances, and used all the leftover time to focus on my family. I’ve audited my life to ensure that I’m giving back to my wife and my children as much as I can. These priorities seem overwhelming, but they provide me with the structure to create my dream life and find purpose in what I do.”

Benjamin recommends the four-pillar system for anyone hoping to simplify their struggle to find balance in a world full of distractions. Chances are that it will help you care less about what others think and focus more on what you’re trying to ignore.

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