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ZGM Launches Gaming Prediction Competition on ZTX - GlobeNewswire

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ZTX partners with metaverse influencer management company, resulting in first-ever campaign enabling betting on gaming results

| Source: ZTX


Manila, Philippines , Nov. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

ZTX, the pioneering Web3 virtual world and creator platform, is leveraging a global partnership to launch a competition enabling speculators to place bets on metaverse gaming results to win $ZTX rewards. The campaign will kick off during the Yield Guild Games Web3 Games Summit in Manila, although the competition will be accessible to all ZTX community members around the world.

The campaign is developed and managed by ZGM, a global metaverse influencer management and content creation business that has partnered with ZTX. Leveraging the gaming experiences on the legacy Web2 platform supporting ZTX, the metaverse influencer company ZGM will work with existing cryptonative users of the ZTX community to formulate multiple teams that compete against each other by playing diverse metaverse games.

Speculators may bet on the winners and results of these games by holding certain amounts of $ZTX tokens in their wallets and joining the ZTX Discord server. There is no direct payment or fee in order to place the bets or participate in the competition, but successful players will have the chance to win portions of the prize pool that exceeds $20,000 USD worth of $ZTX tokens at current trading prices. This competition will serve as one of the first pioneering cross-industry events where...

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