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XDS Is Redefining Digital Experiences With Their Design Systems

Last updated Wednesday, November 22, 2023 08:02 ET

XDS provides a cross-functional platform that enables businesses to simplify the design and development lifecycles and meet individual needs, quality, scale and consistency.

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Businesses need to constantly adjust their customer experience to stay ahead of the competition, especially in this “Digital Age.” This is to keep up with the fast-paced market. With the constant change of talent, technology and the means of which content is consumed, these issues interconnect. Companies struggle to deliver consistent experiences across multiple channels and technology.

Design systems, often described as collections of reusable visual functional components and guided standards, are pivotal in addressing these modern business dilemmas. They serve as a foundation for consistency and use various technologies such as Angular, React, iOS, and Android. However, as these technologies continually evolve, staying abreast of the growing demand for improved client experiences becomes a complex task.

Though the concept of design systems is not a new one, its purpose or intention is meant to solve these problems. Some design systems, while well-intentioned, fall short due to lack of expertise and go through trial and error.

Design inconsistencies can have a huge impact on everything from client satisfaction, retention and accessibility. It's not only bad for the brand's reputation, but also a huge drain on the budget and time. Businesses have to continually repeat these processes and undergo extensive re-development and redesign to ensure optimal client experience.

In addition, there is a lack of clear design standards and guidelines, which leads to operating inefficiencies as different teams produce very different client experiences. In many cases, businesses are forced to start from scratch in terms of design or attempt to build upon the foundations laid by others. This can be time consuming, lead to a reduction in overall adoption and further inflates costs and hinders the overall efficiency of the business.

With digital design and technology constantly changing, XDS is reimagining itself by providing better design solutions. XDS Experience Design Systems, co-founded by Michael Carrick and Philippe Gommes is a cross-platform, low-code solution that unifies design and code.

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Design systems follow an approach, similar to that of a digital Lego block. These "building blocks" are reusable elements that ensure a consistent and high-quality client experience across all your digital properties. Think of it as a platform for maintaining a unified design and functionality across various digital touchpoints, whether it's your website, mobile app, or promotional materials.

A highly matured design system can result in an increased efficiency of up to 55%. As an example, if you have 40 people using the design system at an average salary of $115,000, that would save you $2.5 million annually. Additionally, design systems can reduce design and technical debt by up to 80% and help companies get to market up to 5-6 times faster.

XDS' design platform enables businesses to customize their design system to meet their individual needs, fostering a culture of creativity and flexibility. Templates, which provide structured layouts serve as skeletons for populating with modules, significantly speeding up the design process at the page level. The company also provides different types of content, like interactive guides, community and help tools, templates, sample projects, and case studies - all designed to make the adoption process as smooth as possible.

XDS understands how important centralization can be, especially in digital. Without a set of standards and guidelines, designers and developers can get stuck with building this on their own. This creates inconsistency which can be confusing for clients and lead to a lack of productivity. XDS makes it easy to create top-notch designs and code that can be used over and over again, all in one place. Plus, it helps you collaborate across different teams and platforms, so you can make the most of your design system.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between design and code, providing a more streamlined and cost-effective solution. We want to make design systems more accessible, help companies save time and resources, and ultimately, improve client experiences,” said Mike.

In addition to its platform, XDS provides 60+ courses to designers and developers to help them better understand and use design systems. They offer design system tracking capabilities in design and code to measure the return on investments and metrics of your design systems. The focus is on training to help designers enhance their skills and work more productively.

Combining innovative thinking, training, and a commitment to excellence, XDS Experience Design Systems is paving the way for a new era in design & code integration for businesses both big and small who are looking for a cost effective and scalable solution to their design system needs.

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