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Men’s sexual health coach Brian Ayers helps men improve performance with all-natural supplements and coaching

Last updated Thursday, December 7, 2023 18:13 ET

Ayers Naturals is a premier provider of educational resources and all-natural supplements for men’s sexual health.

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Brian Ayers

For over 25 years, Ayers Naturals and its founder Brian “Uncle B” Ayers have helped thousands of men improve their sexual health. Ayers Naturals is committed to helping its customers reach their goals, which is why they offer coaching as well as all-natural supplements. The company strives to reduce the stigma around men’s sexual health. They educate men of all ages and backgrounds that poor sexual performance is something they can overcome.

The company’s best-selling supplement is GoodWood, the Men’s Performance Fuel. The liquid formula is made of eight all-natural herbs. GoodWood can be taken over long periods and takes effect in as little as an hour. Some of the benefits of using the liquid are energy boosts, improved libido, and enhanced blood circulation.

Ayers Naturals sells GoodWood by the bottle, but also offers a bundle with a free ESEIS 25 Course: The Cheat Code to Improve Your Performance. This course is led by Brian, who has amassed a following of over 185,000 on YouTube for sharing easy, simple tips that improve men’s sexual performance. His followers often call him Uncle B because he speaks about erection issues and how to last longer in a transparent way.

Brian is the key figure behind GoodWood and utilizes his platform to help men regain their confidence in the world and bed. He says that many men don’t seek help for sexual issues because they feel isolated in the struggle to perform. Brian has worked with men of all ages and circumstances and assures his coaching students that this isn’t true. According to him, erection problems are something every man will deal with at some point. However, they can be eliminated and prevented through supplement use and better living habits.

In addition to GoodWood, the business also sells GoodWood Advanced, a stronger performance formula with nine herbs, and related supplements, sleep aids, and exercise equipment. GoodWood offers a 60-day refund guarantee on its tincture formulas and has free shipping for customers in the US.

Uncle B founded Ayers Naturals in 1999 after discovering the sexual benefits of an African aphrodisiac. After Brian tried the formula, he noticed how much it improved his stamina and performance in the bedroom. Since then, he designed a formula with his wife that is now used in GoodWood.

Brian has expanded Ayers Naturals services past supplements because many of the blockages to a healthy, enjoyable sex life involve a man’s health patterns. Once the patterns are understood customers see an amazing improvement in how they feel about themselves and their sexual capabilities. Brian has published three books on men’s sexual performance and frequently offers insight on podcasts and through speaking engagements. Ayers Naturals offers a Mens Performance Quiz on their website where men can get immediate feedback on their performance score.

“One of the main things men I coach have to learn about their sexual performance journey is that it's different from everyone else's,” says Brian Ayers. “We may compare ourselves to others, which causes us to feel insecure and broken. However, millions of men struggle with similar issues as you, and several factors cause problems. Your age, habits, stress levels, and dozens of other things from sleep to your job all play a role in your erection quality, libido, and stamina. Those things change day to day, but GoodWood provides men with all-natural supplements and coaching to transform their sex for the long-term.”

As Ayers Naturals continues empowering men to elevate their sexual performance, Brian envisions the company becoming the go-to business for those struggling with erections, libido, and other sexual complications.

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