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Meet Unskrypted Founder Folasadé Ogunmokun

Last updated Tuesday, December 12, 2023 08:25 ET , Source: Unskrypted

Unskrypted Founder Folasadé Ogunmokun: Pioneering the Intersection of Entertainment and E-commerce

Washington , USA, 12/12/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

The entertainment and tech industries have been witnessing a wave of extraordinary women of color who are trailblazing and pushing boundaries. Among these remarkable individuals is Folasadé Ogunmokun, the visionary founder and CEO of Unskrypted, a groundbreaking shoppable streaming network that seamlessly merges Black-led content with Black-owned businesses in a unique ecosystem.

Folasadé Ogunmokun has long been recognized as an innovative disruptor, tirelessly working towards building a legacy and reputation for herself. As a Nigerian American, she has harnessed the power of her multi-cultural background to connect with individuals across the African Diaspora, while also exploring new avenues to do so. Her journey began with a television production degree from Howard University, followed by a Master’s in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

Currently, Folasadé Ogunmokun is making waves with her appearance on Peacock’s second season of “Founding in Color,” a captivating three-part docuseries produced by Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs. This series shines a much-needed spotlight on eleven Black and Latino startup founders, as they candidly navigate the complexities of race, family, identity, mental health, and more, all while scaling their businesses in America today.
In addition to her involvement in “Founding in Color,” Folasadé Ogunmokun is also a proud recipient of the Jrue and Lauren Holiday Foundation and was one of eight founders who pitched at the groundbreaking NBA Foundation Pitch competition during NBA All Star Weekend in Utah.

Undeterred by her already impressive achievements, Folasadé Ogunmokun is now launching “THE BAG,” the first-of-its-kind shoppable show on Unskrypted. With three dynamic hosts and a diverse array of black-owned businesses, “THE BAG” promises to revolutionize the shopping experience while empowering the Black community.
Despite her demanding professional pursuits, Folasadé Ogunmokun also manages to be a dedicated and loving mother to her innovative 11-year-old child. Her ultimate goal is to leverage media and entertainment to bridge cultural gaps and redefine the narrative within the Black community.

Folasadé Ogunmokun’s relentless drive, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to empowering Black-owned businesses make her an inspiring figure in the entertainment and tech industries. As she continues to break barriers and reshape the landscape, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her remarkable journey.

About Unskrypted:Unskrypted is a shoppable streaming network that seamlessly integrates Black-led content with Black-owned businesses, creating a one-of-a-kind ecosystem where viewers can shop what they see on TV. Founded by Folasadé Ogunmokun, Unskrypted aims to redefine the shopping experience while empowering the Black community.

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