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Oshri Cohen, technologist, startup founder, and former executive, on his road to fractional CTO advocacy

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How Oshri Cohen, a tech expert and entrepreneur with decades of experience, founded Red Corner to challenge the notion that companies need a full-time CTO through his CTO As A Service business.

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Fractional CTO, technology expert, and startup founder, Oshri Cohen has mastered more languages, frameworks, and architectures than he’d like to count. However, his experiences have educated him on the misguided understanding companies and workers have about a CTOs role. That alone inspired him to found Red Corner, a boutique fractional CTO firm, as an answer to the persistent issues that all businesses face with technology.

Oshri Cohen, Founder of Red Corner

Oshri has a rich background in the tech industry. He began his journey as a software developer and later progressed into C-suite positions that led him toward entrepreneurship. The collective experience of working in fast-paced startups, global corporations, and for his own companies helped him understand technical roadblocks businesses encountered.

He chose to pursue fractional CTO work independently because it provided him with exciting opportunities to solve new problems each day. The work was demanding, but extremely rewarding as Oshri deeply enjoys teaching others as much as he loves solving technical problems.

"The main thing I love about being a fractional CTO is seeing where a client’s staff is in their career, then offering a path they can use to improve their skills, and be happier. That exact thing is also what makes my business so successful. All of our staff utilize an integrated coaching approach so clients and their staff are guaranteed to learn something new every day. Not everyone does that, but I think it’s the responsibility of a leader, and I’m honored to help others in that way.”

Red Corner Company Logo

Oshri founded Red Corner because he knew that independent fractional CTO consulting couldn’t reach the masses. His business was meant to spread the word and the effects of what a real CTO should be doing.

Since founding the company, Oshri has worked with prominent companies worldwide that suffer from similar issues. After 23 years in technology, he says that he can spot the problems from a mile away. This is especially true as Red Corner leverages a diversely qualified Council of CTOs on every project.

It’s abnormal for fractional CTO firms like Red Corner to formulate an advisory board, but Oshri felt it was fundamental for the work he wanted to do. Not only are all of the members highly useful for helping clients, they cultivate a company culture of collaboration and innovation.

Red Corner is known for providing stellar fractional CTO services and unbiased advice too, which underlines Oshri’s main goal of transforming technology in your company into a stress-free operation that helps grow your business.

Oshri hasn’t been a fractional CTO forever, but it’s something he envisions doing for the long term. The job encourages him to stay authentic and make direct impacts on the lives and success of businesses around the world. For him, that feels much more fulfilling than holding a full-time CTO position. Oshri hopes that other technology leaders consider pursuing fractional CTO work.

As he spearheads Red Corner’s success, Oshri will continue advocating for companies and tech professionals to redefine CTO work and its role in business operations and development. He hopes that his insight will contribute greatly to the evolution of how technology is pioneered at an enterprise level.

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