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Weed Guard Partners With Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing To Expand Service Offerings in Gilbert, AZ, and Beyond

Last updated Tuesday, December 19, 2023 11:57 ET

Building upon the exciting new partnership, Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing (DADM) is set to leverage its digital prowess by launching a comprehensive, user-friendly website for Weed Guard.

Gilbert, USA, 12/19/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

In a strategic move to bolster its service offerings and fortify its position in the digital marketing landscape, Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing (DADM) proudly announces the acquisition of Weed Guard, a renowned pest control and pre-treatment specialist based in Gilbert, AZ.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, combining the prowess of DADM's digital marketing expertise with Weed Guard's top-tier services in pest control, weed prevention, termite treatments, tree removal, fire-wise solutions, and bee relocating.

Services Offered by Weed Guard

  • Pest Control: Weed Guard’s pest control service prioritizes ecological balance and environmental responsibility. Their highly trained professionals deploy safe and effective methods to eliminate common household pests, thereby ensuring a clean, healthy living environment.

  • Weed Prevention and Removal: Weed Guard's preventive and removal services target invasive weeds. Using eco-friendly herbicides, the team ensures your garden remains pristine and healthy, free from the detrimental effects of weed infestation.

  • Termite Pre-Treatments: Weed Guard's termite pre-treatment services are designed to prevent termite infestations from happening in the first place. By treating the soil with specifically designed products, they protect your property from the extensive damage these pests can cause.

  • Tree Removal: Expertly handling the complex process of tree removal, Weed Guard ensures the safety of both people and property. Their experienced team meticulously handles each step, from pre-removal preparation to post-removal cleanup, minimizing possible risks.

  • Fire Wise Solutions: Weed Guard's Fire Wise Solutions are specifically designed to create defensible space around homes and properties. By reducing flammable foliage and creating fuel breaks, they significantly decrease the risk of wildfire damage.

  • Bee Relocating: Committed to preserving the essential role of bees in the ecosystem, Weed Guard provides a safe, humane bee relocating service. Their team meticulously relocates bee colonies, avoiding unnecessary destruction and contributing to the vital task of bee conservation.

With a commitment to excellence, Weed Guard is distinguished for its pre-emergent weed prevention services, boasting a six-month warranty. Their comprehensive range of offerings also includes pest control solutions, termite pre-treatments, tree removal services, and environmentally conscious practices like fire-wise solutions and humane bee relocation.

According to Weed Guard owner, Dylan Hill, "Joining forces with DADM opens up new avenues for our business. We are excited about the opportunity to enhance our digital presence and reach a wider audience. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering quality services and staying ahead in the competitive market."

The CEO of DADM shares in the enthusiasm. Kelly Bigelow states, "Weed Guard's dedication to excellence in pest control and related services makes them an ideal addition to our client portfolio. We are confident that our digital marketing strategies will complement their outstanding services, driving greater visibility and engagement for Weed Guard."

The partnership heralds the launch of an intuitive, user-friendly website that will seamlessly integrate all of Weed Guard's services. This digital platform, designed and managed by DADM, will serve as a comprehensive resource for Weed Guard's existing and prospective customers, offering straightforward navigation, detailed service information, and easy online booking. The goal is to provide an enhanced user experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

About Weed Guard

Based in Gilbert, AZ, Weed Guard is a leading provider of pest control and related services, committed to maintaining a healthy and vibrant environment for its customers. Their services range from pest control, weed prevention, and termite treatments to tree removal, fire-wise solutions, and humane bee relocating.

With a focus on environmentally friendly methods and customer satisfaction, Weed Guard has become a trusted name in the community.

About DADM

Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing (DADM) is a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in creating impactful online presences for businesses. From web and graphic design to SEO strategies and managing business reviews, DADM offers a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Their expert team prides itself on understanding market dynamics and consumer behavior, enabling them to devise strategies that are coherent with their clients' business objectives and target audiences.

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