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YAADBridge Entertainment's Pioneering Role in Transforming the Caribbean Media Landscape

Last updated Friday, December 22, 2023 09:28 ET

YAADBridge Entertainment, a production company founded by Sherando Ferril, seeks partnerships and investments to authentically portray Caribbean experiences through film and television.

Kingston, Jamaica, 12/22/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

YAADBridge Entertainment, a Jamaica-based film, television, and audio production company, seeks partnerships and investments to further its mission of building regional, international, diverse, and generational entertainment. Driven by its aspiration to create and market authentic Caribbean content to a global audience, YAADBridge Entertainment fosters collaboration between Caribbean people at home and the broader diaspora through top-quality multimedia production.

Aside from full-service audio-visual production, the rising company provides diverse offerings, from creative consulting and talent management to digital content creation and photography. With its steadfast mission and all-encompassing services, YAADBridge Entertainment is gearing up to become the most sought-after production company for film and media production across the Caribbean.

The establishment of the innovative company stems from the experiences of its founder, Sherando Ferril. While working as a lecturer at the New York Film Academy, where she also obtained her master's degree in Film and Media Production, Sherando realized the need for Caribbean stories to be told from the perspective of the Caribbean people themselves.

The international award-winning voice, stage, and film actress emphasized, "There's a severe lack of authenticity in the industry—seeing Hollywood not use Jamaican actors to portray Jamaican and Caribbean experience. I realized that we depend on a system to tell our stories that do not live our experiences. Essentially, I want the Caribbean people who have lived these stories to be able to share them through YAADBridge Entertainment. We're not just selling film and TV. We're selling culture." Acknowledging the immense yearning for the appreciation of Jamaican culture, whether through music, food, or athletics, Sherando intends to address it through the services of the forward-looking production company.

Upon its founding in February 2019, YAADBridge Entertainment had a remarkable start providing services focused on creative production, audio-visual entertainment, and talent development and management. Despite being slightly deterred from its roadmap due to the impact brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company calibrated and resumed creating multimedia content.

One of the company’s recent ventures includes the Caribbean Casting Network, a project that aims to provide Caribbean talents and creators the platform to showcase their works. It intends to revolutionize the casting process in the region by opening doors for producers and actors, penetrating various niches, from film and TV show actors to theater performers and commercial actors.

YAADBridge Entertainment is also about to launch its highly anticipated project, The Jamaican Bodyguard. The film revolves around Jamaican politics and society, where the line between light and dark, depravity and justice, is often blurred. This venture is another testament to the production company's dedication to telling Caribbean stories from a Caribbean perspective.

To solidify its position as a household name for championing regional and international entertainment in the Caribbean and beyond, YAADBridge Entertainment is actively seeking collaborative partnerships and investments. This action is part of its efforts to expand its professional team and build the needed infrastructure for its multimedia production services.

Ultimately, YAADBridge Entertainment is set to redefine the entertainment industry in the Caribbean. With the vision and guidance of its founder, Sherando Ferril, the production company continuously fulfills its mission of empowering creative professionals in the region and showcasing their exceptional work to global audiences.

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