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Trophius Unveils Why do you need SEO promotion Service?

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SEO promotion is indispensable in the digital landscape, ensuring a website's visibility and success amid growing online competition.

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Tamil Nadu, India, December 23, 2023-The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, this is any action aimed at optimizing or improving the performance of your website. The goal of such promotion is for the resource to take first place or at least reach the top for a specific request in search engines like Google. In this article, we will explain in detail what SEO is, how it is done, and why it is needed. So, let’s get started.

What is SEO optimization?

Every day, more and more enterprises are starting to do business online, which became especially noticeable after the Coronavirus crisis, because many realized that quickly bringing a business online means saving it and staying afloat. Accordingly, the level of competition on the Internet is growing, and online stores need help attracting and retaining customers. In this case, SEO is helpful because it tells the search engine which site deserves the user’s attention and high position in the search results. If there were no SEO, there would be chaos in the search results, and the top places would be occupied by random sites where no one buys anything.

It is complicated to describe in a few words what SEO promotion is because the service includes many actions, starting with selecting keywords, building backlinksand ending with content marketing. Promoting or optimizing a website also requires an audit - an extensive study that allows you to detect errors on the site, eliminate them, and build the right action strategy. 

Why do you need SEO services?

So why do you need this particular service? Let’s look at a simple example:

You need to find a new supplier or company to work with. You won’t offer cooperation to the first person you meet, will you? You want it to be secure and mutually beneficial. Therefore, you will do a little research during which you will collect a list of companies, talk to friends, ask for recommendations, and talk to the owners of the desired business about a specific service or product. The list will then be narrowed down to a few properties, and you can look for reviews about them or visit the production site in person. This will give you confidence that you have chosen a reliable partner or contractor.

This process is similar to how search engines rank sites and determine which ones to give first place in the search results and which ones to lower to the very bottom. This considers factors such as the site's popularity, the impression of visitors (reviews, ratings), and the quality of the resource itself and its content. Just as it would be difficult for you to choose a suitable company without recommendations, reviews, and a personal visit to the production facility, in the same way, it is difficult for a search engine to rank a website without SEO correctly.

Based on this, SEO services are needed to provide the search engine with the correct information about the site and thus raise it in the search results.

What Can SEO Services Companies Do?

The answer to this question depends on the company’s field of activity, the availability of specific specialists, and your needs. 

Some service providers help improve a site’s ranking in search results and optimize it, while others create high-quality SEO-optimized content. When considering how to choose a company for promotion, consider that each expert and each company differ in the features of the services offered, their cost, speed of work, and the guarantees that the client receives.

Selection of keywords and compilation of a semantic core

After conducting an audit and identifying errors, before promoting the site, specialists need to collect a semantic core - a list of queries for each of the site’s pages. They do this in two stages: in the first, they meet with the client to learn more about his service or product, phrases that are associated with him and explain in detail what keywords are and why they are needed.

In the second stage, an SEO specialist, using particular services, analyzes user requests on the Internet on a specific topic and selects from them the most suitable for promoting your site.

Some keys and phrases will be high-frequency, with a high level of competition, and some will be mid- and low-frequency. High-frequency ones require a more aggressive promotion strategy, creating a link profile and carrying out other necessary actions. Low-frequency ones allow you to quickly get to the TOP, but bring less traffic to the site. Therefore, before approving the semantic core and starting to create SEO content, it is necessary to understand the semantics of the site and carefully study all the collected keys to ensure compliance with the goals.

Primary SEO optimization of the site

If you are just launching your business on the Internet and you have a new website or an old resource, but you have never used SEO optimization services, you need to carry out primary optimization. It involves filling the site with content containing keywords and phrases. This way, the search engine will “notice” your site and determine its topic.

Additionally, primary website optimization includes the following:

  • Filling out meta tags using keywords - lines with short information about the site that you see in search results.
  • Updating titles, including page titles, and adding keys.
  • Create an optimized copy for your homepage and pages you need to drive traffic to.
  • When creating content, you must adhere to one important rule - write not only for machines but also for people. The text should be as natural and readable as possible, and the keys should be included organically.

Site indexing in search engines

Search engine indexing is one of the most essential steps in SEO optimization. Even though Google search algorithms still naturally scan all sites using links that lead to them from other resources, this takes some time. You can significantly speed up the process if you manually submit your site for indexing; that is, it is reviewed by a search engine and included in the index. This should be done as soon as all technical work on the site is completed and content with keywords is added. After the system scans the site, it will appear in the search results.

Once your site is indexed, you need to continue working to improve its ranking.

Improved UX

UX design is user experience, which is vital in obtaining good positions. If a user visits your resource and finds it unattractive or inconvenient, he closes the site. The search engine evaluates this behavior as a failure, and many shortcomings lower the site’s position for a specific keyword or phrase.

To ensure that your online resource does not have a high percentage of failures, specialists refine the site design and offer options on how to improve user experience.

Increase in link mass

Above, we looked at an example with a company search to understand how search engine ranking works. We mentioned that one of the criteria that allows the system to evaluate a site and determine the level of trust in it is links posted on other resources.

Creating a link profile or building a link mass is one of the most important tasks of modern SEO. The higher the level of competition for a specific keyword or phrase, the more competently you need to build a link profile and the more links you need.

To create links, you need to apply a large number of specific tactics and techniques. The specialist does both simple placement of links on your website or in a social network profile, and also sends guest posts to other blogs and posts texts with links on trust sites like Miralinks. Gradual, constant building of link mass is essential for a site’s ranking in search results.

Regular optimization and updates

Since new sites appear on the Internet almost every day, search engine algorithms are updated, and it is tough to maintain high positions for a long time without the help of specialists. Relying on optimizations done years ago and using old methods is like shooting at a fast-moving target. Today, something you use will work, and you will be at the very top of the search, and tomorrow, the rankings will fall, and the site will be on the second page of Google.

Long-term cooperation with a proven SEO company will help you avoid this situation. Specialists monitor all changes in search engine algorithms and quickly adapt the site to these changes, thus maintaining your high positions in search results.


In conclusion, SEO promotion is indispensable in the digital landscape, ensuring a website's visibility and success amid growing online competition. By strategically optimizing content, selecting relevant keywords, and building a strong link profile, SEO services act as the guiding force that elevates a site in search engine rankings. Embracing ongoing optimization and adapting to algorithm changes, SEO becomes not just a necessity but a key partner in sustaining and enhancing a website's online presence.

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