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Craft Cycling Tours Redefines Adventure with Unique Cycling Experiences in Arizona and Washington

Last updated Wednesday, January 3, 2024 10:23 ET

Craft Cycling Tours unveils unique cycling adventures in Arizona and Washington, offering unmatched experiences with optimal weather, intimate groups, and evenings filled with local cuisine and beers.

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Craft Cycling Tours, a beacon of camaraderie and cycling excellence, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new cycling adventures in the picturesque landscapes of Arizona and Washington. Dedicated to riders of all skill levels, these tours promise distinctive, enjoyable, and communal cycling experiences.

At the core of Craft Cycling Tours lies the philosophy of "Camaraderie not Competition." Embracing the motto "Ride Hard. Eat Well. Enjoy Great Beer," the company meticulously plans every detail, allowing participants to focus solely on relishing a delightful and fulfilling cycling experience.

Jeff Thompson, one of the tour owners, shares, "Our objective is to curate a week of pure enjoyment, centered around exhilarating rides and the creation of lasting friendships. There's nothing quite like recounting the day's cycling adventures over a cold beer at day's end."

Craft Cycling Tours leverages the unique climates of Arizona and Washington to promise optimal weather conditions—warm winters and comfortable summers. Inspired by a transformative bicycle tour in Spain, Jeff and partner Jason Lindgren founded Craft Cycling Tours to replicate the profound sense of camaraderie experienced within a small group. Committed to creating similar lifelong connections for their guests, they ensure each tour is a unique and memorable experience.

With a surge in cycling enthusiasts seeking novel challenges, Craft Cycling Tours caters to this demand with daily rides spanning 25 to 50 miles, coupled with breathtaking scenery. Keeping the groups intimate, with a maximum of 10 people, ensures a personalized touch. Knowledgeable guides lead the way, while a support vehicle is on standby for any assistance required, even providing a lift if needed.

Evenings are punctuated by delectable food, local craft beers, and shared experiences. Each tour boasts distinctive highlights, such as a Brewery Cruise around Bellingham Bay in Washington and a Cowboy Night in Arizona featuring live Bull Riding.

For more details or answers to inquiries, please visit the Craft Cycling Tours website at craftcyclingtours.com. Alternatively, reach out via email at [email protected] or by phone at 480-524-0808.

About Craft Cycling Tours

Craft Cycling Tours offers a unique bicycle touring experience that focuses on outstanding rides finishing with great beers, showcasing the best of the Pacific Northwest and Arizona. All aspects of their tours are centered on camaraderie, not competition. No planning required—just riding and enjoying the experience. RIDE HARD. EAT WELL. ENJOY GREAT BEER.


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