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Harmony in Action: The Rehoboth Project's Visionary Symphony of Change

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The Rehoboth Project is an initiative to foster dialogue and understanding to empower communities, create self-sufficiency, and engage in revolutionary research projects to combat poverty and crime.

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We live in a world that is woven with complexities and interconnected stories. To confront these multifaceted issues, a visionary Juard M. Barnes, is weaving threads of unity across the fractured tapestry of American communities. His brainchild, The Rehoboth Project (TRP), is a symphony of change, a relentless echo challenging the status quo.

Juard Barnes, the founder of The Rehoboth Project, envisions a united America, following concepts like AMANDLA, an inspiration from South Africa's power gatherings. These inclusive town hall gatherings are designed to transcend racial and ideological divides, to foster dialogue and understanding among diverse communities. With nearly 40 years of experience as a community organizer and violence prevention specialist, Barnes helps organizations and cities worldwide to achieve community safety. He wants to get rid of any obstacles that prevent people from working together. Stressing the importance of having a place where people from different cultures can come together, talk about their ideas, and help create a more open and fair society.

The Rehoboth Project follows a unique Comprehensive Service Integration approach. This concept extends beyond physical structures to help and care for those in need. Barnes highlights the need to be thoroughly rooted in the service community and develop collaborative relationships to address the multifaceted challenges that communities in the United States encounter. The goal is to ensure that individuals are just a phone call away from the support they require, fostering growth and providing life-giving resources.

“As a leader in violence prevention and community safety, The Rehoboth Project employs data-driven intervention and prevention strategies. For me, success is measured by creating an ecosystem that provides job training, support, and essential services, contributing to the overall well-being of communities,” states Barnes.

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The Rehoboth Project, committed to promoting the agency of marginalized communities, ensures that non-traditional voices shape initiatives and programs. Listening campaigns, research spaces, and public actions empower individuals. With these initiatives, The Rehoboth Project serves as a complementary strategy to public safety measures. The organization aims to transform communities and improve lives, emphasizing that ‘The Rehoboth Project’ is not a replacement for policing but a sacred place that addresses community violence and poverty.

Jurard Barnes, focusing on urban interventions and systemic change, emphasizes the importance of unraveling the systemic oppression ‘woven’ into the fabric of America. He believes in encouraging communities to challenge historical narratives, explore ideas, and transform the realities of race and ideology. The Rehoboth Project, as a leader in urban strategies, aims to address deep racial and economic dignity within U.S. communities through tangible initiatives.

"The Rehoboth Project initiative moves variable ways according to the needs, but generally include forming groups, bringing about social and economic justice, obtaining, maintaining, or restructuring power, developing alternative institutions, and maintaining or revitalizing neighborhoods, cities, states, and regions," says Barnes.

Adapting to the evolving U.S. landscape, The Rehoboth Project focuses on creating spaces for Black independent power. Barnes emphasizes the importance of forming alliances and fostering conversations to address poverty and agricultural issues. Future initiatives include workshops, seminars, and collaborations with clergy, academics, and community leaders.

"In our work, we seek to affirm inherent connection to each other and our planet, welcome our differences, incorporate our shared history, affirm an ethics of human dignity, and work to co-create a responsive government and civic life that advances our common good for a shared future," expresses Barnes.

Juard Barnes leaves us with a profound insight into The Rehoboth Project's mission and vision. He emphasizes the power of unity, understanding, and transformation, urging individuals to recognize the organization's commitment to creating a world where the circle of human concern is infinitely large and ever-growing. The Rehoboth Project works tirelessly to build a global community of kinship for listening and learning, ultimately driving impactful change in American communities and beyond.

The Rehoboth Project has been active in various global issues for over three decades, including working with Faith in Indiana to transform criminal justice in Indianapolis, training volunteers to reach potential voters, and transforming a 32% annual recidivism rate at Eskanazi Hospital down to 4% after just 3 and a half years of work. He and his wife, Larita Rice-Barnes, also support orphanages and churches in Uganda, focusing on AIDS and AIDS-related issues. Their work has led to significant improvements in the criminal justice system, mass transit, and impoverished communities.

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