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Jenness Reid, Author and Devoted Servant To God Shares Her Experiences Through Her First Book, God Works Through Dreams

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Jenness Reid, a Jamaican author, explains the inspiration for her first book, God Works Through Dreams, and how God has urged her to share her experiences with divine beings.

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Worldwide, people subscribe to over 4,000 religions, finding peace in the various scriptures and rituals their faith community utilizes. Despite the numerous religions the world offers, almost 75% of religious individuals follow one of the five main faiths. Christianity is part of this group, with billions of followers. Jenness Reid, a prolific author and lifelong Christian, provides intriguing accounts of her spiritual experiences in several books, including her first one, God Works Through Dreams.

Jenness has gone through several phases with her faith, learning new things about herself and the world around her. Jenness attributes her strong relationship with God as one of the main reasons she leads a successful life. This bond has given her life special meaning as she writes books under God’s direction. She has currently self-published four books all focusing on God’s mission and the eras of her spiritual awakening to His messages.

Jenness feels that there are three distinct stages in her journey with God: Dream, Mission, and Corporate. In simple words, the first phase of her sensitivity to God’s messages began with vivid and prophetic dreams that consistently turned into reality. Jenness was amazed by how God was showing her events before they even happened and was directed by Jesus Christ to share her experiences, including her dreams. As these events became more frequent, Jenness began keeping detailed journals about the things she could recall. This later turned into her first book God Works Through Dreams.

The book, which shares Jenness’ experience of receiving messages in her dreams and learning how to interpret their meanings, is a must-read. Every human dreams. Yet, the majority lack a basic understanding of what these late-night messages mean. By reading Jenness’ book, people can relate to their own encounters with various types of dreams and learn about the biblical messages involved. While God can deliver messages in our dreams, so can spiritual enemies. Comprehending the differences between a good and evil message is essential for all of God’s children to understand so they can truly absorb His word and not that of the spiritually wicked.

“According to biblical prophecy, God pours His Spirit on everyone,” says Jenness. “Most often, He does this during the night when our minds are open to His words. As it was cited in Joel 2:28-29, ‘Old men will dream dreams, and young men will see visions.’ Our dreams can be warnings, revelations, or directions from God. They can also be from Satan, but we will never know the difference until we take the time to learn about the spiritual experiences of others. My book is a great way to understand His cues and invite God to bestow more knowledge upon you after you’ve carried out his desires.”

God, the Creator, or whatever you may call Him has an indelible presence here on Earth. His energy, influence, and love can be felt by people from all walks of life if you pay attention. Taking this message in mind, Jenness feels that non-believers can always benefit from learning about God, even if they don’t fully align with the concept of a divine Creator. “God is a Spirit, and so He created us with body, mind, spirit, and soul,” says Jenness. “My experiences may be personal, but they are relatable to all people who have faced the unknown and other struggles throughout life. Reading about Jesus’ story and the messages from the Holy Trinity can give anyone a greater purpose that fulfills them.”

Jenness’ three other books are built upon God Works Through Dreams, delving into further spiritual experiences that are frequently misunderstood. The other books cover spiritual warfare, the nature of establishing a business to serve God, and the entire story of Jenness’ business experiences, intertwined with her message from God about societal changes ahead of the pandemic that empowers her and other people that He works through.

Jenness’ career as an author wasn’t born from a passion for writing. Although she does enjoy the craft, Jesus was the true catalyst for her literary journey. She believes that sharing her experiences with divinity encourages God’s devotees to understand what His real mission is and how to fulfill it. In a world with many perspectives on the same God, Jenness believes her work is pivotal for educating the masses and providing clarity in times of uncertainty.

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