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Light Up Literature Curriculum Makes Learning Fun For ADHD And Struggling Kiddos

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Light Up Literature™ is a homeschooling program designed to help students who require special attention develop their reading skills.

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Step into the transformative world of Light Up Literature™, where, since its inception in 2021, this guiding force has been illuminating the educational paths of students with (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ADHD and struggling students. Founder Debra Shepherd, a dedicated educator, consistently customizes the educational experience for those studying at home or who require additional support.

The program kicks off with an informative first session, focusing on diagnostic lessons, communication, and relationship building. Light Up Literature stands out by treating students as unique individuals and incorporating engaging educational games to ensure active participation. Shepherd emphasizes the importance of understanding children's potential first and then incorporating enjoyable learning experiences for their early development.

“With my homeschooling, I want to provide a learning environment that addresses educational needs and fosters growth and confidence in students,” says Shepherd.

Debra Shepherd, with her experience in teaching students with ADHD, emphasizes the importance of recognizing children’s accomplishments and adding educational games to the curriculum. The program aims to transition students from one level to another, making learning enjoyable and meeting the specific needs of each student.

Looking ahead to March 2024, Shepherd plans to enhance the program, introducing changes to make it more accessible and engaging for students. This commitment is echoed through the incorporation of educational games and a focus on a fun learning environment.

Light Up Literature Curriculum emphasizes vocabulary development, recognizing its significant connection to reading fluency, alongside its innovative approach. Shepherd advocates for making vocabulary development enjoyable, asserting that it doesn't have to be tedious. The curriculum encourages students to spend dedicated time on vocabulary based on a selected reading, assisting struggling students with essential inferencing skills for comprehension.

Furthermore, the program employs various activities that evolve as students progress through different learning tiers. Shepherd stresses the importance of providing choices to students, asserting that engagement increases as they become more invested in the learning process. She acknowledges the challenges faced by educators in managing paperwork and expenses and aims to prioritize quality teaching for special needs students.

Debra Shepherd's commitment to her students goes beyond academics. She plans to introduce a membership offering, providing a curated curriculum based on grade levels and activities. The personalized approach extends to all kiddos, allowing parents to actively contribute by sharing their child's grade level, desired skills, and relevant documents. This will build a strong teacher-parent relationship while integrating the child's interests into the curriculum.

“I believe that getting to know the students and building their confidence is key to a productive learning experience,” emphasizes Shepherd.

The curriculum encompasses various facets, including vocabulary instruction, interactive programs, like H5P, Wordwall, and Kahoot, and guided reading with tailored questions. Shepherd is aware of potential challenges, especially with struggling students, and is committed to providing the best learning experience possible.

Operating globally, except in China, Light Up Literature offers a unique and supportive learning experience. Shepherd's personal journey, including her struggles with ADHD and the discovery of mild dyslexia in college, fuels her passion for helping children facing similar challenges. She emphasizes the need for understanding and processing information and advocating for a diverse and inclusive educational approach.

The founder's focus on specific skills, such as grammar, reading, writing, and practice, sets Light Up Literature apart. Shepherd, certified to teach English, math, social studies, and history, acknowledges the importance of structure and consistency in teaching children. The interactive activities, personalized learning experiences, and investment in quality programs underline the program's commitment to holistic development.

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