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The Critical Thinking Institute Releases Course For Business Professionals To Leverage Cognitive Strategies

Last updated Tuesday, January 16, 2024 09:01 ET , Source: The Critical Thinking Institute

The Critical Thinking Institute, a provider of neurologically based education, is releasing a new course for business professionals.

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The Critical Thinking Institute will launch an educational course to empower business professionals with science-based strategies for improving critical thinking. The organization offers other courses suitable for both children and adults. However, this upcoming release will have an expanded curriculum that provides specific applications for critical thinking strategies in the workplace. The course will be available starting January 2024 and will contain 50 lessons around 10 minutes long.

The Critical Thinking Institute was founded in 2015 by Dr. Steve Pearlman. The organization is dedicated to critical thinking research, programming, corporate consulting, and faculty development.

Dr. Pearlman founded the Institute with the mission of distributing accessible, digestible science-based education for improving critical thinking. The company now boasts a unique, proven methodology for strengthening critical thinking skills dramatically by working with the brain’s inherent functions.

For three decades, Dr. Pearlman has taught critical thinking and writing in higher education, including elite liberal arts colleges and state universities. In 2011, he was responsible for the creation of the country’s first higher education department focused on teaching critical thinking skills. These initiatives resulted in campus-wide improvements in critical thinking.

Dr. Pearlman has a long history of presenting at prominent institutions, conferences, and businesses about science-based strategies for improving critical thinking. In addition to sharing his knowledge in leading publications, Dr. Pearlman is the author of America’s Critical Thinking Crisis: The Failure and Promise of Education, and the host of the educator podcast Headagogy.

In recent years, critical thinking skills have become an increasingly important trait for adults to possess. This is especially true as employers are focusing more on what soft or durable skills candidates possess compared to their educational status. The Critical Thinking Institute notes that almost 95% of CEOs surveyed agreed with this statement: A candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major.

Despite an unprecedented need for our future leaders to be critical thinkers, universities and other educational institutions fail to teach these skills. According to several studies, Americans consider critical thinking highly important for success. However, the majority surveyed feel that they don’t possess critical thinking skills, or their existing skills have decreased over the years. These findings are cause for concern as millennials, the largest generation living in America, have also shown low performance on an international scale. The Department of Education revealed this in a 2018 study.

Although educational institutions and businesses aren’t cultivating critical thinking skills, the Critical Thinking Institute has proven that its methodology works. When working with university students, the organization raised junior outcomes from 8% to 53% “proficiency” in a critical thinking writing portfolio, in just a few years. For high schoolers, a short two-week intervention resulted in an 825% increase in a text devoted to providing evidence and a 600% increase in a text devoted to establishing the student’s idea. These accomplishments highlight the effectiveness of The Critical Thinking Institutes’ method for teaching critical thinking skills.

The Critical Thinking Institute is more than a company. Its mission is to bolster critical thinking skills globally for all individuals, resulting in a more productive and intelligent society. This will improve personal and professional outcomes, but the Critical Thinking Institute can’t do it without support. The organization is seeking partnerships and investments with universities, businesses, and individuals who are passionate about this cause and want to work together to build a more thoughtful world.

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