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Linda Haley’s Arrival of the Light Beings: A Guidebook to Understanding Cosmic Changes

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Linda Haley, the executive director of The Reiki Center, announces the release of her book, Arrival of the Light Beings, a candid guidebook on the impending galactic shift.

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Linda Haley, the founder and executive director of The Reiki Center, fulfills her spiritual mission of helping humanity prepare for the impending metaphysical shift in her highly-acclaimed book, Arrival of the Light Beings: How to Prepare for the Shift and Contact with Extraterrestrials. Albeit presented as fiction, Arrival of the Light Beings mirrors Linda's authentic experiences. She offers readers an intimate look into her spiritual awakening and acceptance of the crucial role she has been urged to play in Earth's evolution.

Linda's extraordinary journey began in 2000 when she was contacted by an ambassador from the fifth dimension named Avratar who communicated a critical message. Earth was in trouble and humans must understand that extraterrestrial assistance was coming to help. The novel serves as a guide for individuals to prepare for the inevitable cosmic shift, as well as the appearance of non-human beings.

Plagued by childhood encounters with ghosts and otherworldly entities that instilled fear within her psyche, Linda promised herself to steer clear of anything extraterrestrial. She eventually accepted her mission to advocate for a deeper understanding of spiritual and sometimes uncomfortable truths.

Linda's calling is to inform humanity of the importance of connecting with a deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. This helps them prepare for the imminent arrival of beings from distant galaxies. "I kept asking, 'Why me?' Avratar's response was, 'Because you understand fear.' The fears of my childhood experiences, ironically, became the key to understanding all these happenings and helping others navigate the upcoming changes," the author shared.

Now serving as a bridge between the Earthly realm and the cosmic dimensions, Linda wrote Arrival of the Light Beings to emphasize that sightings and contact can no longer be dismissed as mere fabrications. Humanity is on the brink of a significant shift, and the light beings will become humanity's guides along the way.

The shift Linda talks about pertains to the massive realignment of the physical and metaphysical planes to help humans reach higher levels of consciousness. Many people refer to this as the transition from third-dimensional consciousness to fifth-dimensional awareness. This transformation brings increased energy that manifests on multiple levels. On a personal level, individuals would transition their focus from the tangible (i.e., money, power, etc.) to the spiritual (i.e., finding meaning and purpose). Those affected by the shift may become more compassionate and intuitive and sensitive to the messages of angels or other cosmic entities.

Beyond the individual, the shift is already triggering societal changes, impacting the political, religious, financial, social, corporate, and education sectors. Earth-centered changes like rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and extreme weather patterns, as well as galactic changes like coronal mass ejections and solar flares, can also be viewed as signals of the impending shift in the cosmos.

Following these manifestations, Linda’s book emphasizes the benefits of preparing emotionally and spiritually for this revolutionary transition. "Instead of dwelling on our fears about the challenges Earth faces or the impending arrival of extraterrestrial beings, we should empower ourselves to make a positive impact. The most important job we have is just to prepare our own hearts. That means to be more sensitive, more compassionate, more aware, more mindful," the author asserted. Essentially, Arrival of the Light Beings is a call to action, encouraging humanity to widen their perspectives and view the inevitable cosmic shift with mindfulness, discernment, and an open heart.

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