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Author Jenness Reid’s Mission To Serve God Through Her Faith-Focused Book Series and Related Business Endeavors

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Jenness Reid, the author of four spiritually positioned books, is determined to educate the masses on God’s mission by sharing her experiences with good and evil.

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God’s Mission by Jenness Reid

Guided by God’s messages, Jenness Reid, a Jamaican author, began her career as the writer of several faith-focused books. Along her journey of listening to God and what He needs from her, she has realized that she is destined to serve Him. Jenness plans to release more books depending on what God wants her to express, and possibly expand the offerings of her company Works Of Trinity.

Jenness Reid was born in Jamaica and has a diverse cultural heritage spanning from Africa and India to Scotland. Her immediate family are devout people, visiting church weekly, and striving to live a sin-free life. Jenness’ family’s behaviors deeply influenced her upbringing, enabling her to build a relationship with God from a young age.

As she aged, Jenness’ spiritual dedication only strengthened. She spent more time engaging with her church’s community and thinking about the biblical meanings of life. Jenness understands that others less committed to faith than her might find her passion for God and listening to His wisdom strange. Experiencing God in the spirit–outside of scripture–is a difficult thing to convince non-believers of. Jenness isn’t attempting to say that all Christians have seen or spoken personally with God, but she does believe it can happen. The Creator is all around us, enabling Him to enter our lives, minds, and hearts if we allow Him to.

Jenness’ spiritual encounters with God have occurred in multiple settings, illustrating that He can connect with you however He decides, when necessary. The first time Jenness encountered God, she wasn’t averse to this idea, but she was still surprised to have such a vision. Jenness recalls that this happened when she was standing outside her home as a four-year-old child, looking toward a nearby church. God in the form of Jesus emerged from the shining sunset. He spoke kindly to her, all she could remember was the words that were gifted to her were extremely important. Jenness could never forget this experience and is now relating that encounter to her adult experiences with God.

The messages, signs, and symbols coming to her from Heaven were so frequent that she couldn’t ignore them. She began writing about this unforgettable dream experience and other prophetic dreams she had almost every night, leading to her first book God Speaks Through Dreams.

Later on, Jenness continued receiving messages from above. It was almost as if she was rooted to the Earth but connected to God directly. As her relationship with Him grew, Jenness entered a new phase of her spirituality. She began learning about the importance of relying on God to protect her during spiritual battles occurring in the higher realms. It was new and shocking to learn about how Satan and his conspirators were always working to erode the faith she or any other believer had in Jesus Christ. However, these tough lessons enabled Jenness to write her second book God's Mission: Spiritual Battles And Revelation of Anti-666.

The last two books Jenness has written, God Has Gone Corporate and

God's Business Partner, Prophetic Question, And Special Prayers expand upon her experiences with Jesus Christ. She covers Works of Trinity, her business that is commissioned by God so that His plan for the world would not fall apart.

With unshaken faith in God, Jenness will continue leading her life based on His direction. She is unsure where the future may take her, but Jenness is willing to serve God in whichever way He desires.

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